Vacuum pumps common types and applications

Vacuum pump type

Vacuum pumps are used in a variety of process equipment and to pump air, water vapor, organic and inorganic solvents and acids. In order to meet the special needs of transporting various gases, there are now many different types of vacuum pumps on the market.

Liquid ring:

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for medium to heavy steam load conditions. Liquid sealants are used to run vacuum co. LTD about 30 pumps. Low vacuum obtained with the use of oil, glycol or other low vapor pressure fluids. This type of pump is desirable because it can be sealed by a fluid with a process of gas/vapor that would damage other types of pump (i.e., oil seals) and is relatively inexpensive. High reliability because of its simplicity.

Rotating blade:

Rotary vacuum pump is used for pumping clean, dry, no active gas oil seal pump. The actual limit due to oil as its sealant/lubricant is about 5 MMHG of vacuum. These pumps are usually air-cooled and directly drive 1750 rotary pumps, which cover a small area and save space. Reliability is average periodic oil changes and periodic blade/filter changes to maintain maximum time. Pricing is very moderate due to the vacuum they produce.

Rotating piston:

Slide valve vacuum pump is industrial – grade heavy – duty pump produced in 50-1 tank vacuum. The use of these pumps, which are highly polluting, must be handled by pumps. Reliability is the medium height abuse these pumps suffer from. The price reflects the high vacuum performance of these pumps and their ability to handle a large number of contaminants.

Dry vacuum pump:

Dry vacuum pump, compressed gas without sealing fluid such as oil or water to aid. They are used in extremely corrosive applications where pump failure will occur, or where environmental problems exist. The vacuum ranges from the atmosphere to 10 MMHG. The design includes screws, leaves and claws.

There are many types of vacuum pump, vacuum pump applications are also extremely wide. To this end, the vacuum pump manufacturers have collected a relatively complete collection of common vacuum pump applications to share with you. If you have more types of vacuum pump applications, also welcome to supplement!

Vacuum pump application

Vacuum pump application in petrochemical industry.

Gas recovery, oil recovery, gas collection, crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, exhaust compression, tail gas recovery, polyester production, PVC production, cyclic gas compression, PSA, liquid chlorine production packaging, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration, vacuum transport of various materials and so on.

Vacuum pump application in power industry.

Soaking, gas filling recovery, leak detection, drying, oil filter, aging, material testing, condenser vacuum, vacuum water absorption, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transportation, etc.

Vacuum pump applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Drying, distillation concentration, degassing, crystallization/vaporization, filling or material transfer, reagent recovery, disinfection and cleaning, etc.

Vacuum pump applications in pulp and paper production.

Black liquor evaporation, vacuum dehydrator, raw material and white water degassing system, mixing box compressor, water suction box, v roll, absorption roll and transfer roll, vacuum press, etc.

Vacuum pump applications in the automotive industry.

Heat treatment quenching, vacuum deposition, cathode vacuum spraying, parts manufacturing, vacuum forming, testing, robot application (vacuum handling vacuum suction crane), air conditioning filling, etc.

Vacuum pump application in electronic semiconductor industry.

Electron tube picture tube semiconductor manufacturing, photodeposition (CVCD LPCVD MOCVD PECVD), etching machine, cathode vacuum spraying, material remanufacturing analysis, ion beam etching, plasma etching, lamination, plug hole, etc.

Vacuum pump application in environmental protection industry.

Waste water treatment, biogas compression, vacuum water addition, activated sludge tank oxidation, fish pond ventilation, waste gas recovery (biological gas), biogas recovery (biological gas), waste disposal.

Vacuum pump applications in the food and beverage industry.

Drying, distillation, concentration, dispersion degassing, vacuum packaging, freeze drying, etc.

Vacuum pump application in wood processing industry.

Hold and snatch, wood drying, wood preservation, log impregnation.

EVP is a professional vacuum pump manufacturer, its vacuum pump is not only clean and pollution-free, but also has a wide range of pumping speed and good energy saving, stability, easy to maintain and other advantages, widely applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other industries. If you are interested in EVP vacuum pumps or would like to know more, please leave a message or email

Vacuum pumps common types and applications

Vacuum pumps common types and applications


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