2BV water ring vacuum pump precautions for installation

In the use of 2BV water ring vacuum pump, the installation process is very important. If the installation process is wrong, then the subsequent use will frequently have problems. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, we should pay attention to the following points during installation:

1. Connect the power supply according to the rules of motor label, and install appropriate standard fuse and thermal relay;

2. Start the vacuum pump and investigate the rotation direction of the motor. If the rotation direction is wrong, adjust the phase line to ensure the rotation direction is correct;

3. Check the oil level and add oil in time in case of lack of oil. But be careful not to add too much smooth oil;

4. Check the oil quality and replace the new oil in time in case of oil deterioration to ensure the normal operation of vacuum pump. Oil change cycle: the first time after 100 hours of operation and then every 500 to 2000 hours of operation, at least once every half a year or under the condition of excessive water absorption;

5. The vacuum pump has strict requirements for the quality of smooth oil. Do not use other vacuum pump oil to replace it without permission, otherwise the vacuum pump will be damaged.

6. If the gas inhaled by the vacuum pump contains condensable steam, close the suction port of the vacuum pump and run the vacuum pump alone for 30 minutes before and after operation every day, so that the temperature of the pump can reach the temperature useful to avoid gas condensation, and the smooth oil of the vacuum pump can be purified. In the process of vacuum pump operation, the valve should be opened to enhance the function of cleaning condensable steam. Moreover, the replacement period of smooth oil should be shortened;

7. The exhaust port presents oil smoke or fuel injection. Check the oil-gas separation gas at the exhaust port, clean or replace it. This accessory is a vulnerable part, and the replacement cycle is 1 year. If there is too much pollution, the cycle should be shortened.


Before the installation of 2BV water ring vacuum pump, all parts shall be cleaned to remove oil, dirt, solder and other impurities in the process of processing and storage, so as to avoid air source in the vacuum system after installation. The method is generally to use decontamination powder to decontaminate and wash with hot water, and finally dry with hot air and wipe with organic solvent.

Secondly, the part leak detection before installation. Before installation, the parts of vacuum pump and air system shall be inspected for leakage, and the parts with leakage shall be removed in time to avoid unnecessary trouble for later debugging when the parts with leakage are assembled on the vacuum system.

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