Vacuum conveying equipment

Under the condition of compressed air input, the vacuum conveying equipment conveys powder, pigment, tablet, capsule, crops, small parts, etc. through pipelines. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, convenient operation, no leakage and dust flying in the conveying process.

Vacuum conveying equipment features:

1. Closed transportation, no dust leakage, no cross contamination

2. Meet GMP standards and CIP requirements, and provide sterile products

3. Modular design, no dead corner, quick and convenient disassembly and cleaning

4. Effectively solve the stratification of powder particles

5. Effectively eliminate the static electricity of materials, and have no pollution to the surrounding environment

6. Automatic control, simple and convenient operation

7. There is no heat generation in the working process, safe and explosion-proof

8. No vibration, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, low operation and maintenance costs

Vacuum conveying equipment application field:

1. Powder materials, granular materials, mixed materials (there will be no layering phenomenon in the transportation process), tablets, cytosol pills, capsules, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry

2. Additives, raw materials, sweets, sugar coated pills, cocoa powder, gourmet, crystals, etc. in the food industry

3. Chemical raw materials, dyes, inflammable and explosive materials, toxic and harmful materials, etc

4. Industrial raw materials, waste materials, etc

5. Agricultural bulk materials


Vacuum conveying equipment working principle:

1. The vacuum pump generates vacuum through the separation vessel of the vacuum conveying equipment. The material is drawn in from the feed port through the suction hose and the suction port.

2. The air and materials are separated in the filter bin of the separation container, and the materials are collected in the bin. The cyclone separator prevents the fine powder from entering the filter, so as to improve the efficiency of the filter.

3. When the silo is full of materials, the vacuum pump will automatically shut down and the pressure in the conveying equipment will reach balance. The discharge valve is opened, the material flows out through the discharge port and directly falls into the storage container.

4. When discharging, the filter chamber is automatically cleaned by the recoil air bag. The special vibrator can assist the blanking, so as to improve the efficiency of conveying viscous substances.

5. The discharge chamber is closed and the whole conveying process is started again.

Vacuum conveying system, powder pneumatic conveying system is the ideal conveying equipment for powder, granular material, powder granular material and mixture. Vacuum suction function can automatically convey various materials to the hopper of packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer, mixer and other equipment, and also can directly convey the mixed materials to the mixer (such as v-mixer, two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.) Because it is airtight transportation, it solves the problem of dust spillover during feeding. It is the first choice for pharmaceutical and food factories to pass GMP certification and promote clean and civilized production.

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