vacuum pump coating process

The application of vacuum coating is a big branch of vacuum application, which is widely used in optics, electronics, physical and chemical instruments, packaging, machinery and surface treatment technology.

The application of vacuum coating can be simply understood as coating metal films or coatings on metal, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and plastic parts by means of evaporation, sputtering and subsequent condensation under vacuum environment. Compared with traditional coating method, vacuum coating application belongs to dry coating

In terms of coating technology, what are the applications of vacuum technology?

In many coating processes (such as metal, plastic or glass deposited in the form of vapor), vacuum technology plays a decisive role. In many cases, these processes cannot be realized without vacuum. Generally, at the beginning of the process, a medium or high vacuum is applied to the chamber for vacuum exhaust, and then the reaction gas or gasification of solid raw materials is removed.

These coating processes have a common requirement: the chamber must maintain a medium or high vacuum that fully meets the coating process requirements. These coating processes help to change the surface characteristics of the material, such as hardness or corrosion resistance. In addition, vacuum coating can also improve the adhesion or wettability of the material, or maintain the maximum hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity of the material surface.


Which vacuum solutions of vacuum pump are particularly suitable for coating process?

We provide a large number of vacuum solutions for different coating processes. In addition to the independent vacuum pump, we also supply a complete set of vacuum system. Single stage vane vacuum pump is especially suitable for coating process. It is proved that vane vacuum pump combined with roots vacuum pump is the standard solution for medium vacuum coating application. It can also provide various models of variable pitch screw vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump, so that the design of the vacuum system can fully meet the requirements of the coating process. If high vacuum is needed, we have turbine molecular vacuum pump and diffusion vacuum pump. The combination of these pumps and the pre pump can meet the coating process requirements.

Application example of vacuum pump in coating process:

Physical vapor deposition (PVD)

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Plasma enhanced deposition

Metal Deposition

Our product range includes a wide range of different vacuum solutions for coating processes, and we offer individual pumps or complete vacuum systems.

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