Vaccum pump for extruder machine

The working principle of extruder vacuum pump is as follows:

The working principle of extruder vacuum pump is the same as that of general volume vacuum pump. A rotor is eccentrically installed in the cavity of the vacuum pump. There are three radial sliding vanes on the rotor. The cavity of the vacuum pump is divided into three chambers. When the vacuum pump is running, the volume of each chamber changes periodically, and the increasing volume of the chamber continuously sucks gas from the suction port into the pump chamber. When the pressure is greater than the exhaust pressure, the gas is discharged through the passage between the vacuum pump and the fuel tank. This operation is repeated three times per turn.

Vaccum pump for extruder machine

Why is a vacuum pump used in the exhaust port of a twin screw extruder?

In the actual production of color masterbatch, we find that many manufacturers do not attach importance to the important link of using vacuum pump to exhaust the exhaust port of extruder, which to some extent affects the improvement of product quality. The setting of exhaust port of Screw Extruder mainly considers the material in screw.
In the process of melting, shearing and extrusion mixing between screw and cylinder of extruder, many gases (water gas and low molecular weight substances) will be produced. If these gases are not removed in time, it will easily degrade the material, deteriorate its performance, reduce the internal and external quality of the product, and at the same time, make the master batch produced more small holes and powder debris, which will affect the quality. In general, the screw design at the exhaust port makes the material in a decompression state, which is conducive to gas expansion and escape, thus ensuring product quality.

How should the vacuum exhaust of screw extruder be operated?

When vacuum exhaust is required for twin screw extrusion:
1. First of all, the top cover of the cold tank should be opened. After cleaning, clean water should be added to the middle of the upper window. The sealing ring should be padded, the filter plate and the top cover should be installed, and the water valve should be closed.
2. Start the vacuum pump and open the vacuum pump inlet valve at the same time to observe the water quantity at the outlet pipe end of the vacuum pump after the main engine enters the stable operation state.
3. Open the exhaust chamber cover and observe the filling and plasticizing state of the material in the screw groove from the exhaust. If it is normal, it can slowly open the inlet and outlet valves when any condensation occurs. Cover the exhaust chamber and the condensation tank, and the vacuum degree should be displayed.
4. If there is feeding at the exhaust port, it can be solved by adjusting the screw speed or vacuum of the main engine and feeder.
5. When cleaning the material coming out of the exhaust chamber, the cleaning tool must not be touched by the rotating screw.
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