vacuum pumps for foods drying

Food drying industry

Many processes in the food and beverage industry can be optimized using vacuum technology. In addition, in the food packaging process, the vacuum pump can be used to discharge air, can extend the storage time of food, and can remove odor.

The salmon cleaner automatically removes the internal organs of the salmon. It only takes 3 seconds to process each fish, which is a huge workload. The waste products, including salt water, fat, protein and fish residues, are removed by an air ring fan at the side of the salmon cleaner. For food industry applications such as the above, we also provide specially designed air ring fans with coloured inner shells. The valve is fitted with a Nirosta spring and has other characteristics.

Mineral water natural water source mineral water contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. If exposed to air, iron dissolved in water oxidizes, making the water taste worse. The water needs to be de-iron-treated at about 50mbar, but a vacuum pump is used to remove the carbide before it is introduced to make soda water.

Salad oil and fat deodorization exposed for a long time, will make salad oil and fat odor. The oxide must be removed before further treatment. This can be done by injecting steam, which can absorb odors, and then using a vacuum device to remove the steam.

Tea and condiments imported from the tropics are placed in containers and then shipped, often with pests, insects, fungi and bacteria, which must be killed if further processing is required, by placing the containers in a vacuum and vacuuming the air. The container is then filled with steam or germicidal gas.

Sausage production in order to produce sausages, the mixed meat is cut into small pieces and added with seasonings and additives. Removing air from the meat during slicing and mixing prevents the meat from being oxidized, which can affect the taste and appearance of the sausage. A vacuum unit is used to extract air at approximately 100mbar. The pump used is insensitive to the meat and pellets being pumped together.

Ham production you rarely see on a real fireplace dried and smoked ham. Instead, the ham is made by soaking, which allows the meat to be soaked more quickly and directly after the air has been removed.

If not properly humidified, tobacco products packed in boxes are too fragile and may be broken into fine particles during further processing. The air inside the box is evacuated by a vacuum pump, and steam and sometimes aromatics are added.


Applicable Products:

vacuum pumps for foods drying

2X-A Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

2X-4A 2X-8A 2X-15A 2X-30A 2X-70A 2X-100A
Pumping speed(L/s) 4 8 15 30 70 100
Ultimate pressure(Pa) Partial pressure 6×10ˉ²(5×10-4Torr)
Total pressure 2.66(2×10-2 Torr)
Rotary speed(r/min) 450 320 320 450 420 360
Motor power(Kw) 0.55 1.1 2.2 3 5.5 7.5
Working voltage(v) 380 380 380 380 380 380
Cooling Mode Natural cooling Water cooling
InletDiam(mm) I.D. 25 40 50 65 80 80
O.D. 30 50 80 85 100 125
Dimensions(mm) Length 540 790 790 810 910 1130
Width 335 430 530 480 650 740
Height 380 540 540 560 700 690
Oil capacity(L) 1.0 2.0 2.8 3.0 4.2 5
Recommend solenoid valve DDC-JQ25 DDC-JQ40 DDC-JQ40 DDC-JQ65 DDC-JQ80
Noise (dB A) 65 70 70 70 75 90
Weight(kg) 60 158 202 230 480 560

Practical application of vacuum pump in vacuum drying

Vacuum pump is widely used in the process of vacuum drying. The so-called vacuum drying is a drying method in which materials are placed under negative pressure and heated to the boiling point under negative pressure or cooled to make the materials solidified and then dried by melting point. In the condition of negative pressure, the melting point and boiling point of water in the material all decrease with the increase of vacuum degree, and at the same time, assisted by vacuum pump clearance dehumidification to reduce water vapor content, so that the water in the material and other solutions can get enough kinetic energy to get away from the material surface. Vacuum drying, due to the isolation of air under the state of negative pressure, can better maintain the original characteristics of some materials that are prone to oxidation and other chemical changes in the process of drying. It can also better protect materials by pumping vacuum after injecting inert gas. Common vacuum drying equipment: vacuum drying oven, continuous vacuum drying equipment.

Vacuum drying is the process of drying materials placed in airtight dry indoor, use a vacuum system of vacuum and heating the material to be dry, internal moisture of material or poor concentration diffusion to the surface by pressure difference, the kinetic energy of water molecules on the surface of material gain enough, after the mutual attraction between the molecules, escape to the vacuum chamber of low voltage space, which is the process of vacuum pumping away. In the process of vacuum drying, the pressure in the drying room is always lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the number of gas molecules is less, the density is low, and the oxygen content is low. Can play a certain role in disinfection and sterilization of drugs, food and biological products, can reduce the chance of material infected with bacteria or inhibit the growth of some bacteria.

Since the temperature of water is proportional to the vapor pressure in the process of evaporation, the moisture in the material can be vaporized at low temperature during vacuum drying, which can realize low-temperature drying. This is beneficial to the drying of heat-sensitive materials in some medicines, foods and agricultural and sideline products.

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