vacuum application in adsorbent

In the application of adsorbent in vacuum, such as adsorption pump, catcher and so on. When it is adsorbed to a certain extent in the process of suction, it needs to be desorbed to restore the ability of trapping gas impurities, that is, regeneration process.

In the process of adsorbent regeneration, when the adsorbate is desorbed, its structure does not change or rarely changes. The most commonly used methods are solvent extraction, roasting and biological methods.

Solvent extraction is to use a suitable solvent, so that the solubility of the adsorbate in the solvent is far greater than the adsorption of the adsorbent on the adsorbate. The adsorption capacity can be restored by extracting the adsorbate from the adsorbent and drying it properly.

The roasting method is that the saturated adsorbent is treated at high temperature to make the adsorbate volatilize and restore its adsorption capacity. Common vacuum components and materials baking is the application of this method.


The biological method is to degrade and desorb the adsorbate through the degradation of microorganism.

In addition to the common regeneration methods in the above 3, there may be other regeneration methods: steam method, water vapor blowing off the low boiling point adsorbate on the adsorbent; ozonization method, using ozone oxidation to decompose the adsorbate on the adsorbent; replacement regeneration, selecting the appropriate desorption agent (gas), replacing and blowing off the adsorbate, and then re desorbing the desorption agent, etc.

According to the principle of adsorption, pressurization and low temperature are conducive to adsorption, and depressurization and high temperature are easy to desorb. In addition, depressurization can be combined to promote regeneration. For example, the common practice in oil and gas recovery is to use vacuum pump to generate negative pressure environment to achieve oil and gas desorption in adsorbent.

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