Liquid ring vacuum pump and pump set

Liquid ring pumps have an irreplaceable market share in handling complex and special process gases

In the chemical industry, especially in the fine chemical industry, many liquid ring pumps are purchased as main process equipment, with high customer positioning and high record value.

Pharmaceutical industry, especially traditional Chinese medicine (evaporated water, methanol, ethanol, etc.), liquid ring / roots liquid ring pump volume is very large. At present, most domestic pharmaceutical enterprises are not highly positioned.

But no matter in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry or other industries, with the derivative of product line or higher requirements for quality, customers’ requirements for vacuum system are more and more stringent, and more attention is paid to the processing technology rather than the equipment itself. Then, your opportunity comes. We have the platform of atlas, a famous brand in the global vacuum industry, and we have a professional technical support team The vacuum solution we provide, we have CTS everywhere to escort us, and most importantly, we have such a big cake that has not been unpacked.

Welcome to the website of EVP Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. the specific address is 1295 Xinjinqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

Mainly engaged in screw vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump set, roots vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, etc.

Liquid ring vacuum pump and pump set

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