Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Liquid Handling Capability:

The vacuum pump can handle a large amount of steam, condensation and liquid, which will not adversely affect its performance or mechanical reliability. Pump service liquid can be water or other liquids, such as oil, solvent, etc.

Discharge Oil Free Air:

The air (or gas) is “cleaned” in the pump using clean water as a service solution. In contrast to other types of vacuum pumps, the emitted air can be completely free of any oil, carbon or plastic particles.

Mounting To Nema Motors:

Vacuum   pump standard design can be installed on the standard NEMA motor. The pump can reach up to 40 horsepower and can be tightly coupled to the NEMA motor of C or D flange. This closecou arrangement allows for the use of standard off-the-shelf electric motors, eliminating lengthy calibration procedures and costly failures associated with misalignment.

Pressure To Less Than 25 Torr:

Liquid ring vacuum pumps such as injectors and/or vacuum boosters can operate under pressure below 1.



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