Gas transfer vacuum pumps types

Gas transfer vacuum pump introduction to the types

But with the vacuum technology in the field of production and scientific research to the requirement of the size of its application of the pressure is more and more wide, mostly need is composed of several kinds of vacuum pump suction vacuum extraction system can be satisfied with the requirement of production and scientific research process, so choose different types of vacuum pump vacuum unit in the condition of extraction is more, below small make up roughly introduce for you, some of the varieties in gas transmission pump.

The gas transfer pump is a kind of vacuum pump that can make the gas continuously inhaled and discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of extraction. This vacuum pump basically has two types:

The first type is the variable-volume vacuum pump: a variable-volume vacuum pump is a vacuum pump that USES periodic changes in the volume of the vacuum pump chamber to complete the suction and exhaust processes. The gas is compressed before it is expelled. This vacuum pump is divided into reciprocating and rotary two kinds:

1, reciprocating vacuum pump: it is the use of the vacuum pump chamber piston reciprocating movement, gas inhalation, contraction out. Therefore, also known as the piston vacuum pump (diaphragm vacuum pump is also a reciprocating vacuum pump).

2. Rotary vane vacuum pump: it is to use the rotor in the vacuum pump chamber for rotary motion, to inhale the gas, tighten and expel it. Rotary vacuum pump has the following types:

1) oil-seal vacuum pump: it USES oil to seal the gap between the moving parts to reduce the harmful space of a rotary volume vacuum pump. This kind of vacuum pump is usually equipped with air ballast device, so part of the air ballast vacuum pump. According to its structural characteristics, it can be divided into the following five types:

A) rotary vane vacuum pump: rotor with the offset distance must be installed in the vacuum pump shell with fixed surface close to the vacuum pump shell appearance, the rotor slot is equipped with two (or more) rotary vane, can when the rotor rotating rotary-vane along its radial slot reciprocating sliding and touch with vacuum pump shell inner wall, the rotary vane with rotor rotation, several variable displacement vacuum pump cavity can be share out bonus.

B) slide valve type vacuum pump: a slide valve is installed outside the biased rotor. The rotor rotates to drive the slide valve to slide and roll along the inner wall of the vacuum pump shell.

C) fixed-plate vacuum pump: the vacuum pump shell is equipped with a biased rotor that is close to the outside of the vacuum pump, and the vacuum pump shell is equipped with a radial sliding plate that is always touching the outside of the rotor. When the rotor is rotating, the sliding plate can move up and down to distribute two variable volumes in the vacuum pump chamber.

D) residual cycloid vacuum pump: a rotor with a residual cycloid profile is installed to bias the pain in the vacuum pump chamber, which rolls along the inner wall of the vacuum pump chamber and divides the vacuum pump chamber into two variable volumes.

E) multi-chamber rotary vacuum pump: a rotary vane vacuum pump equipped with multiple independent operation rooms driven by the same motor in parallel in a vacuum pump shell.

2) water ring vacuum pump: the rotor with multiple blades installed in the vacuum pump shell, when it rotates, the liquid (usually water or oil) thrown to the vacuum pump shell to form a vacuum pump shell concentric liquid ring, the liquid ring and rotor blade formed a few small volume of volume cycle change, medium is also called water ring vacuum pump.

3) roots vacuum pump, the vacuum pump is equipped with two opposite directions in synchronous rotating double leaf shape or leaf shape rotor, rotor between, between the rotor and the vacuum pump shell wall to keep the gap must be. It belongs to the rotary volume vacuum pump. Mechanical booster pump is this type of vacuum pump.

4) screw vacuum pump: the use of a pair of screw, in the vacuum pump shell for synchronous high-speed reverse rotation of the suction and exhaust effect of the extraction equipment, it is the replacement of oil-sealed vacuum pump, can remove a lot of steam and a small amount of dust gas occasions, in the domestic pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises have been widely used.

5) claw type vacuum pump: claw type vacuum pump principle similar to roots, and using two claw type rotor cavity and vacuum pump suction volume, in the process of the rotating rotor can be automatically open and close.

6) scroll vacuum pump: scroll vacuum pump is an oil-free vacuum pump evolved from scroll compressor.

Meanwhile screw vacuum pump, claw vacuum pump and scroll vacuum pump can also be called dry vacuum pump, can achieve no oil seal.

The second category is momentum transfer pumps. This vacuum pump relies on a high-speed rotating blade or high-speed jet to transfer momentum to the gas or gas molecules, so that the gas continuously from the vacuum pump inlet to the outlet.

Diffusion jet pump: it is a momentum transfer pump composed of a single-stage or multi-stage nozzle with the characteristics of a diffusion pump and a single-stage or multi-stage nozzle with the characteristics of the jet vacuum pump in series. Oil booster pump is of this type.

Gas transfer vacuum pumps types

Gas transfer vacuum pumps types


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