Turbo molecular pump for analytical instruments

analytical instruments

High sensitivity and absolute reliability are essential when vacuum technology is used to equip laboratories and analytical systems. Measurement and research under laboratory clean room conditions and strict space constraints lead to increased demand for equipment. The analysis in vacuum environment has greatly improved the quality of 11 results, so it has become one of the preferred measurement and analysis methods in modern laboratory technology.For more application information, click here to learn more.

The requirement of ideal vacuum pump in laboratory is relatively high. In addition to compact design, low noise emissions and high pressure stability are equally important. It is necessary to be able to perform decisive and accurate analytical procedures in high and ultra-high vacuum conditions. Moreover, all solutions must be flexible and customized to meet the different challenges of related applications.

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Turbo molecular pump for analytical instruments

Vacuum pump of solution

With a wide product portfolio, vacuum provides a wide range of solutions for vacuum acquisition and measurement: from the former stage vacuum and high vacuum turbomolecular pump to the measuring instrument, to the widely used leak detection. Innovative product development and comprehensive product portfolio provide a wide range of solutions for use in laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology. The split flow turbomolecular pumps are an example of this because they can replace multistage pump systems with a single vacuum system. The split flow principle was invented in the 1980s and has been continuously improved: the split turbo molecular pump is equipped with several continuous pump stages to replace the additional single turbine 2 sub pump. This method can save a lot of cost. Its reliability is also improved because the pump as a whole requires very few components. Due to the extremely flexible design of the pump, customers can choose from a variety of options to be customized to meet specific application requirements.

The proven turbomolecular pump is also the best choice for analytical applications. Its outstanding feature is that the rotor has a mature composite bearing. The bearing was invented more than 30 years ago and has been developing continuously. Due to its various specifications, the pumping speed, critical pre stage pressure, gas flow rate and small molecule gas compression can achieve very high values. Therefore, the analysis period is very short. The hipace series of turbomolecular pumps are also exceptionally quiet, and vibration can be minimized. They are the quietest pumps on the market and, by their high quality standards, they ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment, thus providing maximum reliability. They are also good at withstanding failures such as air entry, cooling failures or external shocks. Vacuum pumps work closely with customers for detailed adjustments, and discuss individual conditions and requirements during the design phase of the vacuum system to accurately adjust all pumps to meet the specific requirements of special customer applications.

The concept and method of dry front stage pump and total pressure measurement make the analysis market complete. “As a market leader in the field of turbomolecular pumps in the analytical instrument market,” said the marketing manager of vacuum analytical instruments on the product portfolio. These turbomolecular pumps are based on a unique composite bearing system. With this system, we combine maximum product life with extremely high pumping speed and optimized small molecule gas compression value. ”

Composite bearing system

With the invention of composite bearing technology, a milestone in the design history of turbomolecular pump has been created. The bearing technology combines the ceramic ball bearing on the front vacuum side with the maintenance free permanent magnet radial bearing on the high vacuum side and a unique rotor design. “The technology was a hit when it was introduced into the market, because until then only ball bearings could be used for turbomolecular pumps, which did not run very smoothly because of the small clearance between the bearings. They can also easily become unbalanced. With composite bearings, significant progress has been made in the market. ” Since its introduction in the market, the composite bearing has been constantly adjusted to meet the market demand. This makes it increasingly compact, quieter and easier to maintain. Composite bearings have significant advantages for customers: long maintenance intervals and long service life. In addition, replacement of ball bearings and grease wool can be faster. It can be done on site, and it takes less than 30 minutes.

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