China liquid ring vacuum pump

Chinese liquid ring vacuum pump

China liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum equipment co., LTD specializes in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of vacuum pumps and vacuum complete equipment. Vacuum required to provide system solutions for users, the user’s problem is that our work theme, valiant rushed to the development of a kind of liquid ring vacuum pump, vacuum pump, screw vacuum pumps and air cooled from circulating water ring vacuum pump units, 16 independent intellectual property rights such as patent products, solve the user in a and a difficult problem in use process.

Chinese liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring compressor

Liquid ring vacuum pumps usually use water as the working medium. The offset blades rotate in a partially filled pump chamber. The centrifugal force generated by the rotating movement of the blades causes the liquid in the pump chamber to form a liquid ring. Gas is transferred in the space between the blades and the liquid ring. Due to the impeller bias, the space increases, the production gas is inhaled through the suction tank; As the impeller continues to rotate, the space decreases, allowing the gas to be compressed and expelled through the discharge slot. The vacuum pump can be operated with open or closed loop of water circulation.

Liquid ring vacuum pump motor shutdown fault has the following three common situations:

The new vacuum pump does not turn, should be the test water rust in the vacuum pump chamber, you can use a screwdriver to block the motor fan wing to make it turn, do not move, you can also remove the fan cover, with a hammer head hitting the motor shaft should be able to turn. Used liquid ring vacuum pump can be removed pump cover, poured into the right amount of dilute to remove the impeller and vacuum pump between the scale, then rinse with water after several times can be turned.

After the motor is heated, it will continue to run. The butter in the bearing will meet the heat and solidify, which will make the motor unable to turn. It is recommended to open the motor and change the bearing. Liquid ring vacuum pump has direct motor connection, coupling or belt pulley connection, before starting to check whether the operation of the vacuum pump is flexible, the impeller in the vacuum pump is not stuck, the vacuum pump directly connected to the motor by plucking the fan wing on the motor to determine; A vacuum pump for a coupling or belt wheel can be checked by turning the coupling or belt wheel, opening the inlet valve and then starting the motor.

The company China liquid ring vacuum pump introduction

Production capacity in the past is also limited, not so fast as now, the production design and use of equipment is relatively equal. But now the development of the unit is changing every day, because the user’s requirements are high, the impact of the market is also very big, which is an incentive for the development of products, so more and more types of products. Considering the water ring vacuum pump unit for future development, enterprises must make corresponding development also consider, now face a lot of advanced equipment are according to the requirement of The Times change, for the unit in the embodiment of the energy efficiency should also be more, will be the effective play to the performance of the equipment, there will be more user adoption. Therefore, it is believed that manufacturers in the near future can develop both energy-saving and can make the water ring vacuum pump unit to improve the efficiency of the method. At the same time small make up to tell everybody, if good unit regular maintenance maintenance, also can have the effect of energy saving, improve work efficiency.

The development of China liquid ring vacuum pump company is the crystallization of customers and friends at home and abroad. On the occasion, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have given us great support for a long time. We sincerely hope to cooperate with old and new customers to create a better future and build a bridge of our friendship.

China liquid ring vacuum pump

China liquid ring vacuum pump

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