Vacuum system in tail gas treatment unit containing hydrogen chloride

The vacuum system has the advantages of making full use of the heat energy of tail gas and effectively recovering hydrochloric acid, and at the same time, it can make the treated tail gas meet the emission standard, and solve the problems in the existing technology.

With the rapid development of chlor alkali and polyvinyl chloride industry in China, more and more attention has been paid to the treatment of hydrogen chloride tail gas in the process of production. However, most of the hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment equipment has been absorbed by the bubble column, which has the problems of low hydrogen chloride absorption rate and high consumption of subsequent neutralization treatment, which not only causes hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid and alkali liquor. After inhalation, hydrogen chloride gas and hydrochloric acid droplets can dissociate with water on the surface of respiratory tract mucosa, and have strong stimulation and corrosion effect on local mucosa. The application of vacuum system in hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment unit can solve the above mentioned problems.

What is hydrogen chloride

Hydrogen chloride is a kind of colorless and non combustible gas. It has a very pungent smell, and its specific gravity is greater than that of air. It produces white fog when it encounters humid air and is easily soluble in water to form hydrochloric acid. It has strong corrosivity, can react with many metals to produce hydrogen, can form explosive mixture with air, and produce highly toxic hydrogen cyanide when meeting cyanide.

A hydrogen chloride tail gas absorption device includes a circulating pump, a vacuum system and a water tank, the outlet of the condenser is connected with a falling film absorber, one end of the falling film absorber is connected with the receiving tank, the other end is connected with the packing absorption tower, the end of the receiving tank is connected with the falling film absorber through the circulating pump, the other end is connected with the vacuum system and the water tank The outlet of one end of the receiving tank is connected with the packed absorption tower through the circulating pump. It has the characteristics of high absorption rate, environmental protection and economic benefits.

Vacuum system selection:

Due to the different working conditions in the actual production and application, the gas and pressure will change a lot. Therefore, the selection should be checked and calculated according to the actual extraction process, gas release process, condensable gas condensation, time change of suction pressure, etc., or select the type according to the use of existing equipment.

Application range of vacuum system:

It is widely used in pumping air and other non condensable and non corrosive gases. It is widely used in various vacuum systems which need high pumping speed and low and high vacuum. It is also the first choice for coarse and medium vacuum systems. For example: vacuum smelting, liquid steel degassing, vacuum sintering, dynamic vacuum acquisition in large-scale space simulation experiment, vacuum impregnation treatment of power capacitor and transformer, exhaust of automatic production line of fluorescent tube and bulb, continuous exhaust of heat preservation bottle, pre extraction of vacuum coating equipment, extraction of magnesium reduction process, degassing of monocrystalline silicon refining process, etc.

Hydrogen chloride gas is a kind of poisonous and harmful gas, which is harmful to human health, the growth of animals and plants, as well as various equipment and appliances. As hydrogen chloride is also a useful industrial resource, this paper focuses on the application of vacuum system in hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment unit, in order to save resources and effectively treat tail gas, so as to make the tail gas meet the emission standard.

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