Rotary vane vacuum pump for sale

Rotary vane vacuum pump to the two-stage structure, its working performance levels by high pressure and low pressure of two parts, its inlet connected to the vacuum container or a vacuum equipment, when operating the gas will be a lot of suction and discharge container.

When equipment for vacuum, high pressure stage exhaust valve will be closed, high pressure will be transferred to the second level of inhaled gases, and the secondary suction and discharge, such vacuum equipment can obtain a certain vacuum. The technical parameters of the pump are 6 x 10-2pa. According to user’s usage, can be equipped with a vacuum pump (for example the roots vacuum pump), the rotary vane vacuum pump as the backing pump, due to the suction pneumatic booster pump, pump before continuous pumping, can make you get higher vacuum equipment.

Application of rotary vane vacuum pump:

1, rotary vane vacuum pump is used to smoking in addition to specific gases in sealed container, the container to obtain certain basic equipment, vacuum, due to the height of the development of modern science and technology, the application of the vacuum pump in various fields of science and various enterprises and institutions for metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electronics, electric vacuum, semiconductor, food, nuclear power, textile and other scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises for use in scientific research and production with teaching.

Scope of use of rotary vane vacuum pump:

1, because of the rotary vane vacuum pump is made of black metal, and is more precise, the whole work of the pump is linked together, so the rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for containing too much oxygen, toxic, explosive etching of black metal and the effect of vacuum oil of various gases, also cannot be used as compressor and pump. If there is a gas ballast pump, it can remove a certain amount of condensate.

2. The rotary vane vacuum pump can be used to directly obtain the vacuum work under 10~3 and to cooperate with other vacuum operations.

3, rotary vane vacuum pumps in not less than 5 ℃ at room temperature and is not higher than 90% relative humidity environment in use.


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