portable helium leak detector purchase guide

For portable helium leak detector or helium mass spectrometer leak detector brand, this involves many industries and market segments. Vacuum systems and a variety of products and equipment require a leak test quality inspection process. Portable leak detector is very valuable and indispensable vacuum leak detection equipment.

The following industries: automotive; air conditioning; heating / cooling; semiconductor; electrical components; vacuum equipment; maintenance; pharmaceutical; packaging; Aerospace; defense; energy; research and development, to name a few examples, in the automotive sector: radiators, evaporators, fuel tanks, fuel caps and compressors, tire rims, airbag inflators and EGR, Coolers, all of which require tightness testing as part of the quality inspection. The selection of detection equipment is related to the success of detection.

Similarly, in the air conditioning / heating / refrigeration sector, there are compressor, condenser, heat exchanger, AC indoor and outdoor device components, pressure control valves and Cooper’s all piping tests that require leakage. This is just a few equipment systems that require a sealed product list.

Helium leak detectors have not been “portable” since the 1950s. Until the early s, when the semiconductor industry began to produce integrated circuits. The semiconductor industry began to use vacuum systems to make integrated circuit chips. Including many systems, sputtering systems, chemical vapor deposition systems, evaporation systems, etching systems, ashing systems and ion implantation systems are used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The air tightness detector is required to be both small and portable, resulting in clean room wafer plants, which are relatively small, but vacuum systems are dense. All of these require a high level of air tightness and sealing technology. Today, portable leak detectors are available in all industries mentioned above.

There are a few things to pay attention to when buying there. The leak detector has three different operation methods and modes:

The first mode is to use the external workpiece air tightness test pressure method.

The second is through the use of internal workpiece air tightness test pressure method.

The third is to use the “sniffer method”, including pressurized helium in the workpiece and detecting the presence of helium outside the workpiece.

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