Water jet vacuum pump

Water jet vacuum pump it can be used alone, also can be used for booster pump, dispersion pump, molecular pump front pump, holding pump, titanium pump pre-pumping pump. It can be used for the manufacture of electric vacuum container, vacuum welding, printing, blister, refrigeration equipment repair and equipment appearance matching and laboratory, etc. Widely used in food, scientific research, medical, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, college and other departments.

Water jet vacuum pump

A device for obtaining and maintaining a vacuum by pumping air out of a vessel by mechanical, physical, chemical, or physicochemical methods. Vacuum pump and other equipment (such as vacuum vessel, vacuum valve, vacuum measuring surface, connecting pipe, etc.) constitute the vacuum system, widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, machinery, medicine, aerospace and other departments.

Water jet vacuum pump of classification

According to its operating principle, it is fundamentally divided into two types of gas transport pump and gas capture pump.

Gas transporting pump includes: 1, the liquid ring vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump) 2, 3 reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump 4, set the vane vacuum pump 5, 6 7, trochoid vacuum pump, vacuum pump dry vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump 8, 9, 10, traction molecular pump 11 molecular pump, composite vacuum pump 12, 13, 14, gas eruption pump vacuum pump water eruption steam explosion 15, scattered pump, etc

Gas capture pump includes: adsorption pump and low temperature pump.

Water jet vacuum pump characteristics

Now the most widely used in industry are water ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump.

One of the basic devices used to extract gases from closed containers. It can be used alone, can also be used as booster pump, disperse pump, molecular pump before the pump. This type of pump is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine and other professional vacuum exercise, vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum dry and other technological processes.

It has advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise and small oscillation. Therefore, it is suitable for the dispersion of the pump before the pump, and more suitable for precision instruments and laboratory use. Examples include: mass spectrometer, refrigerator assembly line, vacuum freezer dryer, etc.

Capable of operating at any inlet pressure, it has been widely used in the vacuum packaging of food, vacuum blister molding in the plastic industry. Printing profession paper transport, vacuum clamp, as well as vacuum suction.

Primary for coarse vacuum. In a process with a large amount of air extraction. It is primarily used to remove air and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble gases containing a small number of solid particles in order to form a vacuum in a sealed container. A small amount of liquid is allowed to mix in the inhaled gas. It is widely used in machinery, pharmacy, food, petrochemical and other occupations. Gas insoluble in water and containing a few solid particles. Widely used in food, textile, medicine, chemical and other occupations of vacuum transpiration, concentration, immersion, boring and other processes. The pump has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation and convenient protection.

The unit as a result of the use of water ring pump as the front pump, so it is particularly suitable for removing a lot of water vapor and with a certain corrosive and condensable gas in the process. Such as: vacuum distillation, transpiration, dehydration, crystallization, dry and other processes.

Is, to rotary vane pump for the front pump series. It has compact structure and convenient operation. Suitable for the extraction of air and other non-condensable and non-corrosive gases, widely used in various real systems requiring high pumping speed and high vacuum. Such as: vacuum exercise, power capacitor, transformer, vacuum impregnation treatment, vacuum coating equipment in the pre-pumping.

It is a kind of rotary variable capacity vacuum pump which can be used only with the cooperation of the front pump. It has a large pumping speed in a wide pressure scale. It is insensitive to the dust and water vapor contained in the extracted gas and widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other professions.

People often encounter transporting chemical gas in the process of application, which requires the introduction of a new concept of corrosion-resistant vacuum pump. It is the use of ceramic this special medium to do the flow part, true to the usual “wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance” it has advanced design, novel structure, suitable for a variety of more demanding, complex applications. It can smoke contains a lot of moisture absorption, condensing medium, the suction flammable, explosive or toxic, corrosive gas is not easy to produce risk, therefore, can be widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, food, ceramics, sugar, printing, dyeing, metallurgy, plastics, clay brick, leather, such as professional, especially suitable for the use of form a complete set of plastic, 2 ba water ring type vacuum pump instead of SZ, SK, 2 SK – 3, 2 SK – 6, 2 s – 185, 2 SK – 230 and W type reciprocating vacuum pump.

Extensive water jet vacuum pump classification, first a simplify type, W type vacuum pump, vacuum pump 2 x series vacuum pump type, 2 SK what ZJ had type vacuum pump, vacuum pump, SK, 2 bv type vacuum pump, vacuum pump MH – type 2, type TLZ pump, vacuum pump SL type roots blower, JZJX type, JZJS type vacuum pump, JZJWLW type vacuum pump, vacuum pump JZJP type, RPP type vacuum pump, vacuum pump 2 xz type vacuum pump type, etc. Widely used in plastic machinery, pesticide chemical industry, dye chemical industry, brick machinery, low temperature equipment, papermaking machinery, pharmaceutical chemical industry, food machinery, industrial furnace, electronic occupation, vacuum equipment, fertilizer, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, ground treatment and other fields.

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