Rotary vacuum pump for photoresist removal

As a main production equipment in semiconductor manufacturing industry, vacuum pump is more and more required to be safe and reliable. When the rotary vacuum pump sealed with hydrocarbon oil is used for photoresist and other aerobic occasions, sometimes it will explode. Atomized oil mist, hot oil vapor, friction, compression, higher temperature, foreign matter, possible static electricity, etc., may harm the environment once combined with oxygen. And these factors are found in vacuum pumps. Nitrogen and other inert gases are used as gas explosion in the pump, and nitrogen is used to reduce the oxygen concentration in the fuel tank (the oxygen concentration is less than 25%), which can reduce the risk of explosion. This method has been adopted by semiconductor manufacturing industry

Rotary vacuum pump will be more suitable for the corrosion requirements of IC manufacturing process, such as ceramic, fusible metal and precious metal.

Rotary vacuum pump will maintain all the advantages of the current pump without the disadvantages of the current pump. In terms of cryogenic pump, the overall reliability of cryogenerator and compressor will be further improved. In terms of rough mechanical pump, the clearance will be increased by at least one order of magnitude. A Japanese electronics company estimates that in the next few years, turbine pumps and cryogenic pumps will replace diffusion pumps because of their higher cleanliness. The new type of magnetic bearing turbine molecular pump will be used in semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Rotary vacuum pump will have more computer interfaces and even become self diagnosis type. Due to the serious chemical corrosion problem of rough pumping, the impeller pump with self-monitoring ability will replace the piston pump, and the piston pump will become the backward technical representative. Looking forward to 50 years, many semiconductor manufacturing can even be carried out in outer space! The vacuum pump in the future will only be a valve facing the far-reaching outer space behind the process room!

Single type vacuum pump

Rotary vacuum pump is not only used in the field of photoresist removal in semiconductor manufacturing industry, but also in more fields. To learn more about the application of rotary vacuum pump in semiconductor manufacturing industry, you can visit “application” directly

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