Liquid ring vacuum pump choose

It is reported that the liquid ring vacuum pump has the advantages of small proportion of materials, high strength, wide range of corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, reliable operation, etc., which solves the shortcomings of the original pump products, and is suitable for pumping or pressing air, corrosive gas and slag liquid , organic matter and liquid, without suspended particles or crystals, And pharmaceutical and other industrial fields, for vacuumizing, vacuum filtration, vacuum drying, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, plastic molding, etc.

Liquid ring vacuum pump choose reasonable pipeline scheme

When you have a good grasp of the basic knowledge of the liquid ring vacuum pump, you should understand the necessity of the proper installation of the pipeline for the liquid ring vacuum pump. Next, people will master which plans are appropriate for the installation of the liquid ring vacuum pump pipeline.

1. The less the distance between the inlet and outlet of the ultrafiltration device and the passage of the pump, the higher the distance.
2. The lower the pipe turns, the higher it goes.
3. The inlet pipe shall be higher than the channel center line of the pump, and the inlet and outlet pipe shall be prevented from factors that cause great friction resistance, such as climbing on the inlet and outlet pipe, turning at an angle, etc.
4. The diameter of the pipe connecting the import and export trade shall be the same as the diameter of the import and export trade of the commodity. For example, the mechanical pump system software is small, the diameter of the import and export trade distribution can be small, but not less than 70% of the diameter of the import and export trade of the commodity, and the diameter of the inlet and outlet shall be more than or equal to the diameter of the passage pipe.
5. The turning of the pipeline shall be smooth.
6. Gate valve shall be installed at the liquid inlet of the liquid ring vacuum pump to adjust the amount of liquid inlet flow, which is harmful to the vacuum value. When adjusting the liquid inlet flow, carefully observe the gauge needle of the negative pressure gauge to operate the gate valve. The vacuum pump of sk-0.8 can exceed -0.087, Under the working attitude, because the pipeline is not completely sealed, the vacuum value can consider the requirements of the work at – 0.06.

Liquid ring vacuum pump choose

Liquid ring vacuum pump choose

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