Vacuum pump for refrigeration

If you are dealing with refrigeration systems, you can use one of the best EVP vacuum pumps, which is essential to ensure that you have professional maintenance or maintenance work.
Without the best EVP vacuum pumps, it is likely that non-condensable molecules will be left behind; these molecules are not involved in the refrigeration process.
Over time, these residual pollutants can cause a series of problems, including corrosion, oil decomposition and rust, which will gradually reduce the performance of the system.
If you are an EVP technician, you may know the importance of dedicated vacuum pumps for refrigerants and air conditioning systems. If you don’t use high quality vacuum pumps, you may not be able to get the correct extraction level, resulting in system failure.
Today’s exchanges and refrigerators need special attention in order to get proper charging to provide optimal performance. The best EVP vacuum pump can remove water from these systems, thereby eliminating the damage caused by pollutants. But with so many brands providing air conditioning vacuum pumps, it is a challenging task to select the right products for you. So I’ve created this review list, which includes the most sought after and rated brands. It will help you to purchase the most suitable pump for EVP operation.

What is an EVP vacuum pump?

When repaired by technicians, vacuum pumps are used to remove air, water and steam from refrigeration systems. The technical term for the procedure is evacuation.
The refrigeration system should have only two cycle components, oil and refrigerant. However, during maintenance and due to leakage, other pollutants usually enter, including atmospheric gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, and water vapor.
Vacuum pumps must be used to remove these pollutants from the system because they can cause a variety of problems. This includes negative impacts on system efficiency, damage to other system components and sludge formation.

Vacuum pump for refrigeration

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump for refrigeration

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump for refrigeration system and air conditioning, vacuum pump bundled together, including a manifold instrument group, three color-coded hoses and an R134A adapter. The device will allow you to run continuously and for longer durability.

Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump products of specification:

Model: 2XZ-2C

Voltage: 220/380V, 50/60HZ

Power: 1/4 HP

Ultimate Vacuum: 6 x 102 Pa

Operation: single level

Weight: 22/20kg

Size: 480*150*200MM

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump of advantages:

Low noise operation, high output efficiency.
Easy to start and maintenance-free design.
Switch on/off, comfortable operation.
Visual mirror helps to check oil level.
Internal cooling fan can help vacuum pump to use for a long time.
The shell is made of heavy aluminium alloy and is durable.
Lightweight and portable.

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