How to solve problem vacuum pump not working

No matter how good a machine is, it will encounter a “strike”. At this time, it is necessary to understand what happened to it and solve it, so as to better recover to normal work without working methods.

1、 Why does the vacuum pump fail to work? The vacuum pump will fail to work during use or after replacing the rotor.

2、 Solutions

(1) there are sundries in the suction container, which cause the sundries to enter the vacuum pump body, thus the rotary vane vacuum pump does not work.

Solution: clean up the debris.

(2) the end clearance of the rotary vane vacuum pump is too small, which causes the contact between the rotary vane and the vacuum pump body to be stuck.

Solution: grind the spinneret and readjust the clearance.

(3) if the rotary vane vacuum pump cooled by external water is stuck, it is likely that the temperature of the vacuum pump is too high due to insufficient cooling water or lack of cooling water.

Solution: strengthen cooling water.

(4) the rotary vane vacuum pump does not work due to rust in the pump cavity

Solution: dismantle the vacuum pump to remove the rust

(5) there is another reason why the rotary vane vacuum pump does not work because the rotor of the rotary vane vacuum pump is broken

Solution: disassemble the rotary vane vacuum pump and replace the broken rotor parts.

The rotary vane vacuum pump has a powerful vacuum generator with long service life and high vacuum level. However, when it comes to the cleaning process with a high probability of steam generation, the rotary vane vacuum pump does not always prevent the steam from being removed by suction of the vacuum pump, so condensation will occur in the process.


How to solve problem vacuum pump not working

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