Do you know rotary vane vacuum pump in slurry box?

Rotary vane pump / compressor is used in the “gasket” of the mixing tank to produce pressure / vacuum higher than the material level of the headbox (or “raw material tank”), thereby maximizing the control of material discharge (“spray” speed). The pump usually acts as a vacuum pump and compressor through a series of valves, and creates vacuum or pressure in the gap above the “feed tank”, so as to control the static head of the slurry tank. Next, the function of the slurry tank and the problems needing attention when using the rotary vane vacuum pump in the slurry tank are analyzed.

Do you know rotary vane vacuum pump in slurry box?

What is the definition and function of the headbox?

Definition: the mixing box is an open square box, placed between the tank and the desander to adjust the pulp volume to the paper machine.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in headbox of function

1. Adjust the amount of pulp sent to the paper machine to stabilize the quantity.
2. Adjust pulp concentration. According to the paper to be added with white water diluent, it is suitable for sand removal and screening, and the paper is mixed evenly to make uniform paper.

Rotary vane vacuum pump of characteristics

The rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise and convenient start-up. In addition, there are measures to prevent oil return and prevent oil spills from polluting the site.

rotary vane vacuum pump

1. Rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment for obtaining vacuum. It can be used alone or as a front pump and a front pump for various high vacuum systems. It is a rotary vacuum device.
2. The inlet of the rotary vane vacuum pump is continuously open to the atmosphere for no more than 3 minutes.
3. The pump is not suitable for removing gases containing dust which is corrosive to metal and chemically reactive to pump oil. Too much oxygen in the gas is easy to explode.
4. The rotary vane vacuum pump can be used as a compression pump or a delivery pump.

What should be noted when using dilution method in combination with white water and pump?
1 the pipeline from mixing tank to slurry pump shall not be installed horizontally and shall be inclined to prevent fiber precipitation.
2 the mud valve position of mixing tank is better 1.5m lower than that of the white water tank under the network.
3. Air is in the lower part of the outlet, which will produce holes, which will cause pulp volume fluctuation.
4 the slurry pipeline of slurry tank shall be directly connected to the suction port of slurry pump. This direction shall be in the axial direction of the slurry pump or into the 450 angle direction above the excess pipe at the suction end of the pump. The white water tank is usually the constant head source before the pump due to the small influence of other pipelines.

rotary vane vacuum pumps

What should be paid attention to when using rotary vane vacuum pump in slurry tank?
1. all parts of the slurry tank shall be smooth and the door of the box shall be adjusted with the screw handwheel.
2. overflow grid shall be provided in the slurry mixing box to ensure the stability of feed quantity and white water.
3. the pulp height should be sufficient.
4. the opening size of pulp door depends on the production capacity of the paper machine.
5. the pipes for mud or white water entering the mixing tank or mixing tank shall enter from the bottom of the tank or under the side of mud, and contact the air as little as possible.

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