Circulating fluidized bed Roots blower

The return fan generally acts on the circulating fluidized bed to strengthen vulcanization. The return air is the source power to push the high temperature materials separated by the circulating ash cyclone to return to the furnace. The proportion of the return air to the total air volume is small, but those with higher pressure head requirements are generally equipped with independent low-flow, high-pressure roots blowers or multi-stage supercharged centrifugal fans. However, the small CFB boiler can take the air source from the cold section of the primary air inlet and outlet, realize the common use of fans, reduce the utilization rate of plant power and achieve the purpose of automatic balance of overall air pressure. The return fan is another name for the Roots blower in the circulating fluidized bed.

The following introduces Roots blowers used in circulating fluidized beds. For more industry applications, please click here.

Circulating fluidized bed Roots blower

Does the air pump of Roots blower can work for a long time?

Roots blower, as a general-purpose air supply, oxygenation, and pneumatic conveying equipment, has a wide range of applications in various industries. Although it is only an auxiliary equipment in the equipment system, it is also very critical. Once the failure here will cause production to stop, so It is necessary to ensure that all links are equipped with high-quality equipment in order to make the entire system engineering work well.

It is used as a high-pressure air source to supply air blower, which can work continuously for a long time. The following is an analysis for everyone whether the air pump can work for a long time:

1. Roots blowers work continuously for a long time under high pressure, and heat dissipation of the fuselage should be done well: the oil tank, bearing box, and gear box should be cooled with circulating water to keep the temperature of the fan body below 80 degrees.

2. The sealing ring of the machine body should be strengthened. In order to avoid air leakage into the fuel tank under high pressure in the casing, and to avoid spraying oil with Roots blower for the melt blown non-woven fabric, so as to avoid pollution and waste.

3. Choose qualified manufacturers. Fans produced by qualified manufacturers are of good quality, and the products have a one-year warranty. It can be used with peace of mind.

Roots blower of Problems needing attention in the disassembly

If Roots blower equipment needs to be disassembled and repaired, the reason is related to the length of use time, frequency of use, and habits, but it does not mean that there is no need to pay attention during the process of disassembly. Let’s share it for everyone!

1. Clear identification of disassembly and assembly;

When disassembling the Roots fan, I will mark the order of disassembly and assembly, and note the disassembly position. Some friends disassemble the fan by themselves. After disassembling the fan, I find that the same accessories do not know where they are located.

2. Don’t damage these accessories.

Roots blower must be disassembled scientifically when disassembling, such as bearing disassembly or gear disassembly. Some friends do not understand disassembly, and the protection of accessories is not in place. For places that do not understand disassembly, we must promptly report The manufacturer’s technical staff consults.

3. Don’t lose attachments.

When someone disassembled the Roots blower, the accessories were thrown away randomly. After maintenance, about a few days later, the repair was completed and I wanted to reinstall it, but found that some accessories were missing.

4. People who don’t understand technology can’t tear it down.

Some friends dismantled the Roots blower at the beginning, and did not know much about the technology of the Roots blower. Some friends could not dismantle the blower after half of the blower was dismantled. They also consulted the manufacturer. If this is the case, we should To prepare in advance, you can consult the manufacturer before disassembling.

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