Vacuum pump for steam engine

What is a steam engine

A steam engine is a reciprocating power machine that converts the energy of steam into mechanical work. The appearance of steam engine caused the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was still the most important prime mover in the world, and then gradually gave way to internal combustion engines and steam turbines.

The steam engine needs a boiler to make the water boil and produce high-pressure steam. This boiler can use wood, coal, oil or natural gas or even combustible waste as the heat source. Steam expansion pushes the piston to do work.

The original vacuum steam engine was used to pump water out of the mine. Newcomen’s steam engine introduces steam into the cylinder, then the valve is closed, and then cold water is sprinkled into the cylinder, causing vacuum when the steam condenses. The air pressure on the other side of the piston pushes the piston. In a mine, a shaft is connected to drive a pump. The movement of the steam engine piston is transmitted to the piston of the pump through this rod to pump water out of the well.

The first big improvement is to separate the cylinder from the condensing cylinder through a valve. Watt invented the improvement in Birmingham. This improvement improves the efficiency of the steam engine. The next improvement is to automate the operation of the valve.

The efficiency of these early vacuum steam engines was limited, but they were safer because they had a lower pressure and the machine contracted inward rather than exploded outward in the event of material damage. Their efficiency is limited by the external air pressure, cylinder deformation, combustion and boiling efficiency and condensation capacity. The theoretical maximum efficiency is limited by the lower boiling temperature of water at ordinary atmospheric pressure. The use of high temperature and high pressure steam has greatly improved the efficiency of the steam engine. But this kind of steam engine is much more dangerous than vacuum steam engine. The explosion of boilers and machines caused many accidents. The safety valve has brought great improvement here. When the pressure is too high, the relief valve will be deflated and depressurized. But the real guarantee of safety only depends on the experience and safety rules of construction, operation and maintenance.


The main purpose of steam engine is to combine continuous yarn with weaving conditions, and set it after twisting, that is, to stabilize twist under certain pressure and temperature, and to obtain balanced and uninterrupted yarn.

The use process of the steam rack is vacuum preheating, humidification and heat preservation. End of constant temperature vacuum cooling. The vacuum pump used for vacuum pumping is usually water ring vacuum pump. The working pressure of the steam rack is 0.085-0.1mpa. The water ring vacuum pump can extract a certain amount of condensable gas.

Steam engine with vacuum pump can steam yarn or fabric evenly, accurately and gently from low temperature to high temperature. The steam process is controlled by microcomputer, and the temperature is precisely controlled at 0.5. Ensure that the cooking process is accurately reproduced according to the budget process, avoid the maximum condensation, and make the yarn uniform and soft steam.

Therefore, it can be used in this process, specifically using water ring roots vacuum pump, according to the size of the steamer, as well as their own time requirements to choose the appropriate vacuum pump.

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