Tobacco Industry Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump in tobacco products of application

In recent years, with the development of modern tobacco agriculture, the improvement of bakery and the development of coal carbon alternative energy have become more and more important issues in tobacco production. Tobacco farmers all want to effectively improve the overall quality of tobacco leaves and the proportion of medium and high quality tobacco leaves, but to achieve this goal, the baking equipment and processing conditions are the key. Vacuum pump can produce high-quality tobacco on a large scale, efficiently and continuously, which is a big guarantee for tobacco farmers to improve their economic benefits.

Tobacco Industry Vacuum Pump

Tobacco is a thin colloidal capillary porous material, in the process of tobacco production, the water to be removed belongs to the free water and part of the adsorbed water, are relatively easy to remove the water. According to the technological characteristics of tobacco production, a drying method suitable for large-scale continuous production and easy to automatic control of tobacco moisture and humidity in the production process should be selected.

How are the drying and dehydrating properties of tobacco generally tested?

The drying and dehydrating properties of tobacco are mainly considered in the process of raw material processing, processing, transportation, packaging, storage and other processes affected by water and temperature. Now it is mainly detected by dynamic vapor adsorption method. It is to test the adsorption and desorption of water by tobacco under precisely controlled humidity and temperature environment, which can also provide reference for tobacco’s adsorption isotherm and kinetics, diffusion and permeability, stability and storage life, and formulation performance.

For the application of different qualities of tobacco leaves, the application of German oil-free vacuum pump in tobacco products must grasp several key points:

1. The main yellowing temperature of tobacco leaves should be controlled at 35-38℃, and the difference of dry and wet bulb temperature should be maintained at 2-3℃, so that the tobacco leaves can reach 7-8 yellowing and the leaves become soft.

2. The yellow temperature should be controlled below 40-42℃, and the wet bulb temperature should be maintained at 35-37℃, so that the tobacco leaves can basically turn yellow, fully wither and collapse, and the main veins become soft, so as to ensure the transformation of components in the tobacco leaves and form more basic substances of aroma. Therefore, in 41-42℃ to appropriately extend the time, so that the tobacco leaves to reach the yellow veins microstrip green, the leaves fully wilted collapse, the main vein soft.

3. During the color-fixing stage, the tobacco leaves should be warmed up at an appropriate speed according to the quality of the tobacco leaves, and the appropriate humidity should be mastered to ensure that the tobacco leaves turn yellow thoroughly and color fixing smoothly; At the dry bulb temperature of 46-48 ° c and the wet bulb temperature of 37-38 ° c, the leaf tobacco tendon becomes yellow and reaches the small roll of yellow rib.

4. Keep the wet bulb temperature at 38-39 ° c at about 54 ° c for an appropriate extension of time to reach the big roll of tobacco leaves and promote the formation of more fragrant substances.

5. The maximum temperature of dry ribs should be controlled at 65-68℃, and the temperature of wet bulb should be controlled at 40-43℃, so as to improve the color and chromatism of tobacco leaves and reduce the volatilization and dispersion of aroma substances of tobacco leaves.

As a leading brand in the vacuum pump industry, the application of vacuum pump in tobacco products can not only save energy and avoid environmental pollution, but also meet the requirements of tobacco roasting and drying process, which is conducive to improving the color and yield of tobacco leaves, thus improving the quality of products, enhancing the market competitiveness of products and increasing the income of tobacco farmers. At the same time, vacuum pump not only completely meet the requirements of the tobacco market for baking equipment, but also meet food drying, traditional Chinese medicine drying, rubber drying, crafts drying, electroplating parts drying, slime drying and other fields.

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