Soil vapor extraction with liquid ring vacuum pump

Soil Vapor Extraction

Soil vapor extraction is a remediation technology that uses vacuum pump to generate negative pressure to drive air through the pores of contaminated soil, desorb and carry volatile and semi volatile pollutants out of the pumping well, and carry out tail gas treatment on the ground according to relevant regulations or standards, and finally remove soil pollutants. This technology can be used in combination with air injection technology, which is mainly used for remediation of contaminated soil in unsaturated zone (vadose zone).

liquid ring vacuum pump

The general requirements of soil vapor extraction air injection technology are as follows:

1. The target pollutants must be volatile or semi volatile organic compounds;

2. The pollutants must have low water solubility, and the soil moisture should not be too high;

3. The pollutant must be above the groundwater level;

4. The remedied contaminated soil should have high permeability, but for the soil with large capacity, high water content, low porosity or low infiltration rate, the migration of pollutant vapor will be greatly limited.

The liquid ring vacuum pump for soil vapor extraction is introduced below. For more details, please click to contact us.

Soil vapor extraction with liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump points for attention in using

Liquid ring vacuum pump everyone should be very familiar with, because of its characteristic advantage is widely used, in order to you can better application, let’s understand about the use of liquid ring vacuum pump attention points.

The liquid ring vacuum pump must be installed on a horizontal basis. When connecting the pipelines, excessive pressure should be avoided. The vertical height of the exhaust pipeline of the vacuum pump should be minimized. The vertical height of the exhaust pipeline should not exceed 0.5m. After the vacuum pump is installed, pay attention to the concentricity of the speed regulating coupling to prevent the bearing or coupling from being damaged due to the low concentricity. The vacuum pump should avoid frequent start with full water. In the installation stage of the vacuum pump, the pump port should be protected to prevent welding slag or other impurities from entering the pump. In the 100 hours of operation of the pump, a start-up filter should be added at the suction port. The diameter of the pipeline connected with the suction and exhaust port should be equal to that of the pump port. The water supply pressure of the working fluid of the vacuum pump should not be too high. It should be 0.1-0.2kg higher than the exhaust pressure. Too high pressure will cause impeller damage and motor overload. Softened water should be used as working fluid as much as possible. If the hardness of working fluid is too high, the pump must be regularly descaled, otherwise the pump will be damaged.

Before starting the vacuum pump, first open the water supply pipeline to wet the shaft seal; jog the motor to make sure that the motor steering is correct before starting the vacuum pump. When using the vacuum pump, pay attention to whether the gas pumped and the working fluid used are consistent with the material of the pump; the working fluid should be clean and softened water, and should not contain solid particles. When it is used in frost season or cold area, the working liquid in the pump should be emptied after shutdown. When the vacuum degree reaches -0.092mpa, the cavitation valve protection device on the vacuum pump should be opened. After the operation of the vacuum pump, pay attention to check the bearing oil every 15-30 days to prevent bearing damage due to lack of oil. During the operation of the vacuum pump, if there is any abnormal situation, stop immediately and contact the supplier.

The above is about the use of liquid ring vacuum pump attention, you can understand, in the process of using in accordance with the correct operation method can achieve good results, if you do not understand, you can call consultation, we will give you reasonable suggestions.

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