Rotary vane vacuum pump in cell room

Rotary vane vacuum pump in cell chamber of application

Rotary vane vacuum pump in cell roomtitl

Cell rooms generally need to be equipped with a vacuum pump as the necessary basic equipment. The rotary plate vacuum pump used in cell room has two main purposes: one is used to suck the waste liquid of cell culture medium, and the other is used with the filter bottle group to conduct sterilizing filtration on the purchased culture medium.

When choosing the rotary vane vacuum pump used in cell room, it should be noted that due to the unique use environment of cell room and high requirements on cleanliness, water source cannot be provided, so traditional water circulation pump or oil pump cannot be used. In addition, as a result of the use in a relatively closed room, should try to pursue lower noise value, otherwise closed room noise will be more amplified, easy to cause is to use the uncomfortable.

Cell culture waste liquid suction: generally, a rotary plate vacuum pump is used together with a set of suction bottles, suction head and foot switch. In addition to the vacuum pump, customers also need to buy all the relevant parts for liquid suction operation.

Culture medium sterilizing and filtering: usually an oil-free vacuum pump is used together with the filter bottle group. When selecting filter bottles, you should pay special attention to the fact that the traditional triangular bottle type filter bottle group is not suitable for this kind of use, because the filtrate still needs to be poured out after filtration, which is inconvenient to operate and easy to cause pollution. In addition to a standard oil-free vacuum pump, it also includes a bottle-top filter funnel that can be directly connected to the blue-capped reagent bottle. After filtration, the filtrate will enter the reagent bottle directly, which is convenient to screw on the bottle cap for preservation.

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