Rotational Screw Vacuum Pump

Rotational screw vacuum pump: dry operation and low maintenance vacuum pump

Using a screw vacuum pump can help you achieve a smaller carbon footprint and lower life cycle costs. Rotary screw vacuum pump is an advanced dry running technology, which is used in many industrial applications, such as drying and packaging. If you need clean, oil-free treatment, screw vacuum pump will meet your needs.

The efficient design of screw vacuum pump does not need booster pump in many cases. The vacuum capacity of the rotary screw vacuum pump reaches 29.92hg. It is designed with non-contact, smaller maintenance and long service life.

Rotational screw vacuum pump is mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Dry running, contactless screw vacuum pumps are used where mechanical seals are required to ensure that oil or other working fluids are not likely to be contaminated.
Causes of screw vacuum pump wear

What is the cause of screw vacuum pump wear? This is what we are going to talk about in this issue. Please see the following details:

1. In the shrinkage and homogenization part, if the melting state of the plastic is disordered and uneven, the wear will increase.
2. Because the material is not uniformly plasticized, or there are metal impurities mixed in the guess, the screw rolling torque of screw vacuum pump is suddenly added, which exceeds the strength bearing force of screw, resulting in wear.
3. Because some plastics are reinforced, such as fiberglass, minerals or other fillers. Compared with molten plastics, these materials have greater friction on metal materials.
4. When granular plastic enters the barrel from the hopper, they will first reach the feed section. Dry friction is inevitable in the feed section. When these plastics lack heat and melt unevenly, it is easy to form the inner wall of the screw vacuum pump barrel and the outer wear of the screw increases.
5. If high-speed conversion is used to increase the shear force of plastic during injection molding, the reinforced material will also produce corresponding tearing fibers. The torn fiber has a sharp end, which greatly increases the wear force.
6. When inorganic minerals slide at high speed on the metal surface, their scraping effect is not small. So the speed should not be too high.
7. If there are fillers such as calcium carbonate and glass fiber, the wear of screw and barrel can be accelerated.
8. As the screw of screw vacuum pump rolls in the barrel, the conflict between the material and barrel causes the working appearance of screw and barrel to wear gradually. The diameter of screw decreases and the diameter of inner hole increases. In this way, with the gradual wear of screw and barrel, the diameter gap between screw and barrel increases gradually.
9. Because the resistance of the head and the guide plate in front of the barrel has not changed, the leakage flow of the extruded material is increased, that is, the material flow is increased from the diameter gap to the feed direction.
The main content of this issue is these, I hope you are more familiar with the relevant content of the screw vacuum pump.

Rotational Screw Vacuum Pump

Rotational Screw Vacuum Pump

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