Dry screw vacuum pump for alumina plant

How to determine the suction pressure of dry screw vacuum pump in alumina plant?

When selecting dry screw vacuum pump, the following points should be paid attention to when considering suction pressure:

Dry screw vacuum pump for alumina plant

① When the carbonation rate of the filter is too high (commonly known as “big head”), the slurry is suspended, like jelly paste on the filter cloth, it is difficult to filter, and the vacuum is rapidly improved.

② The particle size of hydrogen and aluminum particles in the slurry from carbon separation tank of alumina consumption system of sintering process is uneven, especially contains some ultra-fine aluminum hydrogen particles, which is easy to block the filter cloth, and the hydrogen aluminum slurry of sintering process is easy to harden the filter cloth, which will make the vacuum degree improve rapidly.

③ Due to the loss along the way, the suction pressure at the filter is always lower than that at the inlet of the dry screw vacuum pump. According to the experience data of each workshop in our company, the loss is about 0.005MPa.

In addition, other unexpected situations may occur, and the vacuum degree of the flat disc filter has increased rapidly when washing the filter cloth. Therefore, the suction pressure of the pump should be selected more than normal.

Dry screw vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps for cooling water of importance of periodic inspection

The vacuum system requires a large amount of water to stop cooling. In order to save water, we generally adopt a closed-loop cooling water system to provide vacuum pump cooling water. When the system is running, the condenser and vacuum pump tank temperature will reach 100 ℃ so that the heat exchange is higher, the minerals in the water will attack the chemical reaction, especially in the south, partial acid and rich in minerals, water quality is in the vacuum pump cooling water cavity or condenser cooling pipe scale, has poor cooling effect, the vacuum pump operating temperature on the high side, so as to constitute a vacuum pump oil seal and bearing damaged, so that can seriously damage the vacuum pump. Therefore, it is necessary to check the water quality of the cooling water and the cooling water cavity of the vacuum pump regularly.

Suspension test should be stopped before the injection of agents into the cooling water system. The thin slices made of the same material as the condenser and vacuum pump water chamber were soaked in the reagent. After the regular time, the content of corroded flakes in the pharmaceutical shall be suspended according to national standard or industry standard, so as to determine the type and quantity of the pharmaceutical.

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