Vacuum Pump in Flour Products Production Technology of Application

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in the production process of flour products: It is well known that in the production process of flour products, the defects such as broken strips, paste soup, weak road, quick-frozen dumplings and wonton skin breakage, freeze cracking, etc. have been plaguing the master of noodle making. How to overcome these problems? Now the rotary vane vacuum pump can be used to solve this problem, vacuum and surface can be used.
Vacuum noodle is a new achievement in the field of flour products technology. Its application will greatly promote the technological progress of flour products industry in China and accelerate the development of food industry towards modernization. At the same time, it will expand the application fields of vacuum acquisition equipment such as rotary vane vacuum pump.

Vacuum Pump in Flour Products Production Technology of Application

Principle of rotary vane vacuum pump for vacuum and surface:
Vacuum and noodles are noodles under vacuum and negative pressure. When wheat flour particles (protein and starch molecules) are stirred under negative pressure, they can quickly and evenly absorb water and promote the full transformation of protein network structure of dough. Adequate water absorption is an important condition for protein network formation and starch gelatinization (a) in wheat. Vacuum and flour can make the water content of dough between 32% and 45% (depending on the requirements of dough softness and hardness and the content of wheat flour and gluten) and the vacuum degree is -0.5-0.7 mpa.
Rotary vane vacuum pump, as a vacuum acquisition equipment, has been applied more and more widely. Rotary vane vacuum pump is used for vacuum transportation, vacuum dust removal and vacuum packaging in the process of grain transportation.

These powerful rotary vane pumps have a particularly compact design, light weight and are suitable for pumps with this capacity. They are ideal solutions for various laboratory and process applications requiring a low limit vacuum at medium to high gas flow rates. Rotary vane pumping unit is equipped with GKF 1000i cold trap at the entrance, which can help pump deal with a large amount of condensable steam. The pumping unit is compact in structure, user-friendly and reasonably arranged. There are oil mist filters, valves and T-joints at the outlet. All kinds of packaging can be provided, including pumps, oil mist filters, etc.
Performance characteristics
High velocity even at vacuum level near the limit vacuum
High water vapor tolerance due to high efficiency gas town; even if gas town is used, very good limit vacuum can be obtained.
Vacuum seal when closed; no external backdraft preventer is required
Big Oil Volume: Long Oil Change Interval
Because of the telescopic design, it is easy to maintain.

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