Air compressor for paper printing

Compressed air is used to clean the machine, lift the type plate, pump water and operate the steam workbench and automatic typecasting machine. It is used to prevent the wet label from being polluted and the newly printed paper from being pasted with powder dust. In the rotary concave printing room, it is used in the brake, printing machine, folding machine and other tension systems, as well as automatic binding to complete the printed matter. Inflatable clamps make wrapping and binding easier. The suction cup is used to feed the press. A light and slow air blast can quickly flip the paper to separate them. In some types of presses, the ink is ejected by a pneumatic squeeze pump.

The typical application of compressed air in papermaking is to produce newsprint, form, dry and sterilize pulp container. Cylinder widely used in industry is frequently used to provide power for paper packaging and packaging. The air cushion device forms a layer of compressed air film between the heavy object and the operation platform, and the heavy paper bundle can be easily moved on the paper-cut machine tool.

In the printing industry, all kinds of machines are more and more controlled by pneumatic technology. The introduction of compressed air into the printing machine not only reduces the cost, but also improves the quality and printing efficiency of the printed products. The air compressor plays a particularly important role in modern printing machinery.

In the paper feeding part of the sheet fed offset press, the paper separation and delivery are realized by using the paper separation suction nozzle, paper delivery suction nozzle and paper separation blowing nozzle. In the operation of these devices, the printing requirements are mainly achieved through air nozzles or air holes through suction and blowing.

In the paper feeding process, the paper is transported on the paper board in a vacuum way, and the paper receiving speed is reduced by vacuum adsorption.

The clutch control of the clutch pressure device of the printing device, the rise and fall control of the ink roller and the water roller are realized by pneumatic control.

The web press adopts the pneumatic technology to control the tension, the position of the mechanism in the paper feeding device and the clutch pressure of the printing device.

The gravure printing machine mainly uses pneumatic technology to realize position control, such as driving separation and separation of paper feeding and receiving part, falling of cutter holder, cutter action, clutch between impression cylinder and plate, and position control of plate cylinder.

Many advantages make the use of compressed air in modern printing machinery mature and perfect integration, making printing machinery more simplified, more convenient operation and control, more and more automation.

With the application of compressed air in printing machinery more and more widely, the application of compressed air in printing industry has a bright future, which to a certain extent promotes the rapid development of the whole printing industry.

Air compressor for paper printing

Air compressor for paper printing

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