Single stage vacuum pump manufacturer

Our company is a manufacturer of single-stage vacuum pump, which is famous for its exquisite workmanship, stable performance and good quality. The main products are CL, SK, 2BV, 2BE1, 2BE3 series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors and other applications, the production of various pumps. Products are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, paper, medicine, food, sugar, electricity, electronics, metallurgy, ceramics, water diversion, printing and dyeing, building materials and other fields. Next, I would like to introduce a few of our popular products single-stage vacuum pump:

single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

Single stage vacuum pump manufacturer

single-stage liquid ring of design features:

The 2BV vacuum pump is a coaxial single-stage pump with integral structure. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal, with the features of simple structure, simple installation, oil-free, safe and reliable.

single-stage liquid ring material structure:

Pump body, pump cover, disk for cast iron or stainless steel, impeller for bronze or stainless steel.

single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump range of use:

1. 2BE vacuum pump can work continuously for a long time in the range of ambient temperature 5 ~ 40℃ and inlet pressure less than 1330Pa.
2, 2BE vacuum pump is not suitable for the removal of excessive oxygen, toxic, explosive, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction of the pump oil, as well as gas containing dust particles, nor is it suitable for the transfer of gas from one container to another for transport pump.
3. The continuous working time of 2BE vacuum pump under the inlet pressure of atmospheric pressure up to 6000Pa shall not exceed 3 minutes, so as to avoid pump damage caused by oil injection or poor lubrication.

CL single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

CL single stage liquid ring vacuum pump

CL single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump of main features:

The CL vacuum pump design is a rugged design with tapered ports instead of the flat ports provided. The cone is attached to the end housing of the pump and protrudes into the impeller on both sides. When compared to a flat design, air enters the impeller in a radial direction relative to the axial direction. The main advantage of this design is that the ability to handle more sealed liquids or liquids carried by suction has less impact on the power consumption and better performance of the saturated intake than the flat design. It has 20 blade covered rotor and heavy duty tapered bearing. Packing seal standard, optional mechanical seal. Other features include a removable bearing bracket, multiple inlet/outlet port configurations, and a casing baffle that allows for different operating pressures at each inlet port. CL vacuum pumps range in capacity from 700 to 22,000 ACFM, in a variety of material configurations, manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. Replacement bolts are available for the NASHTM CLTM series, 904TM series and ATTM series. The choice depends on the working conditions and the most efficient working point.

EVP company is a single-stage vacuum pump manufacturer, to produce vacuum access, vacuum application equipment professional manufacturers, the company has strong technical force, mature technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, perfect testing means, product performance to international standards. “Quality first, reputation first” is the purpose of the company.

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