Rotary vane vacuum pumps in Chinese and Western medicine factories

In Chinese and Western pharmaceutical factories, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum transportation, vacuum sterilization, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging, vacuum mixed emulsification and other vacuum equipment are common. Used by these devices must be equipped with a vacuum pump, vacuum pump with liquid ring vacuum pump, water injection pump and steam jet pump, the several kinds of vacuum pumps can be directly take in addition to the water vapor, and several kinds of commonly used rotary vane vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, plunger pump and roots vacuum pump, etc., although they cannot pumping water directly, but can use was associated with condensation space and the surrounding environment clean, no pollution, also can be applied to all kinds of dry pump. Next, I will introduce the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical factories.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps in Chinese and Western medicine factories

Rotary-vane vacuum pump are big starting torque using direct integration and design, special design on low temperature environment was made at the same time, used to secure basic equipment, vacuum sealed container pull gas.

How to apply vacuum pump in the process of pharmaceutical production requires the following concepts to be clarified:

1. The concept of “vacuum” : “vacuum” refers to the state of gas in a given space that is lower than an atmospheric pressure, that is, the molecular density of the gas in the space is lower than the atmospheric pressure of the region. The space state in which there is no gas at all is called an absolute vacuum.

2, vacuum pump: is used to generate, improve and maintain the vacuum device.

3. Pumping volume: The flow rate of suction gas in unit time of vacuum pump under working pressure.

4. Ultimate pressure (vacuum degree) : the absolute pressure that the vacuum pump can achieve under the condition of zero extraction steam.

5. Working pressure (vacuum degree) : the absolute pressure of the jet pump at the rated pumping capacity.

6, working steam pressure, steam jet vacuum pump steam pressure of work.

7, working steam consumption: steam jet vacuum pump unit steam consumption of time.

8, cooling water temperature: water jet pump circulating water temperature or steam jet vacuum pump condenser circulating water temperature.

9. Cooling water circulation: circulating water flow through water injector or steam jet pump condenser per unit time.

Distillation, evaporation and drying are three unit operations commonly used in pharmaceutical production, which are all accomplished by means of heat transfer. Distillation is a unit operation in which the volatilization (boiling point) of components is separated by homogeneous mixtures under certain pressure. The separated system is mostly liquid – liquid mixture. The main purpose is to purify or recover useful components. Drying refers to the unit operation in which the moisture in the material is vaporized by heat or the water in the material is frozen and sublimed by freezing. The purpose is to improve the stability and make the drugs have certain specifications and standards.

In Chinese and Western pharmaceutical factories, the advantage of using rotary vane vacuum pump for vacuum drying is that it can reduce the bad influence of air on the product, which is of certain significance to ensure the product quality, especially suitable for materials containing heat-sensitive components.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps

With the continuous development of commodity economy and energy of outstanding, each enterprise saving energy and reducing consumption, improve production efficiency, improve the quality of the products is more and more become an important means to increase their core competitiveness, in the process of all kinds of choosing appropriate jet vacuum pump, reduce operating costs, will is a strong measure for the enterprise to increase core competitiveness, hope rotary-vane vacuum pump are introduced in this paper is in Chinese and western pharmaceutical factory, the application of knowledge related to the enterprise reasonable use vacuum pump have certain reference function.

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