Roots water ring vacuum unit

一、Overview of the roots water ring vacuum unit:

 Roots water ring vacuum unit is based on roots pump, with water ring pump as the front pump series. Roots water ring vacuum unit is chosen as the backing pump water ring pump more advantageous than other vacuum pump, it overcomes the single water ring pump when using the limit pressure difference (extreme pressure of the unit has greatly improved than water ring pump), a disadvantage of low extraction rate under certain pressure, while retaining the roots pump can work quickly, has the advantages of larger extraction rate.

Especially can adapt to pumping large amounts of condensable vapor, especially when the gas ballast mechanical vacuum pump oil seal steam out of condensable sex ability is not enough, or the use of solvent can make pump oil deterioration and impact performance, or the vacuum system does not allow oil pollution is more apparent. When equipped with explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances, and comply with the corresponding safety rules, the flammable and explosive gas can be removed.

二、Use of roots water ring vacuum unit:

roots water ring vacuum unit is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation and dehydration crystallization in chemical industry. Freeze drying in the food industry; Vacuum drying of the pharmaceutical industry; Polyester slice of textile industry; In the vacuum system of high altitude simulation test.

三、Characteristics of roots water ring vacuum unit:

1. The roots water ring vacuum unit has significant energy saving effect compared with the single pump;

2. Small footprint and reliable work;

3. High pumping rate under high vacuum conditions;

4. Suitable for removing air or other insoluble water, free of solid particles and non-corrosive gases.

四、Installation instructions of roots water ring vacuum unit:

1, roots water ring vacuum unit should be installed in the bright and less dust within the building ventilation good performance, environmental temperature for 5 to 40 ℃.

2. There should be plenty of space around the lutz water ring vacuum unit for daily inspection and maintenance.

3, roots water ring vacuum unit factory generally installed on the frame, the user must be poured concrete foundation, and buried in the concrete unit fixed bolt (bolts) is commonly used in basic graphic requirement level.

4, water ring vacuum unit will be in place after fixation connecting line, pipe sizes shall not be less than pump in and out of the port size, pipe without any welding slag, impurities, such as foreign body, above the main pump inlet connected to the system piping shall be installed in the valve, vacuum unit and the system is separated, system allows the total leakage rate should be 10 or less Pal/S.

5. The filter device must be installed in the pipe above the main pump when removing the particulate matter from the gas.

6. The neutralization device must be installed in the pipe above the main pump when removing the gas with a strong corrosive (PH less than 5).

7, roots water ring vacuum unit water ring pump air outlet pipe should be short, size is equal to the export pipe size, require less elbow (generally not more than three) drain connections shall not be higher than 0.5 m.

8, then good roots water ring vacuum unit in inlet pipe, the pipe valve should have in order to control pump into the water on the road, it is advisable to adopt 1/2 pipe inlet pipe size, pressure is 0.1 MPa to 0.2 MPa is appropriate, the water to clean tap water or well water is advisable.

9, roots water ring vacuum unit electrical control cabinet shall be installed in the appropriate location, convenience of operation, if the user with the electrical control cabinet, water ring vacuum unit, according to working procedure design and installation, to conform to the specifications of each pump. The roz water ring vacuum unit electrical equipment must have interlock and automatic protection device, which requires reliable and safe work.

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