Steam Jet Vacuum Pumps Used in Power Plants

Steam and water jet vacuum ejectors for power plants have been the best choice for steam power plants for decades, the best heat recovery option, and very low energy consumption.

Steam Jet Vacuum Pumps Used in Power Plants

The following describes the steam jet vacuum pumps used in power plants. For more detailed information about steam jet vacuum pumps, please click to contact us.

In the process of using steam jet vacuum pump, sometimes the time to reach vacuum is too long, the vacuum degree is unstable or the vacuum degree is not up to the requirements, and the cause of the fault must be found, analyzed and dealt with. The following failure analysis is usually performed:

(1)  Whether the vacuum measuring device (including vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge, test cover) is faulty or invalid;

(2)  Whether the working steam supply is normal, including pressure, temperature, dryness, hydrophobicity, fluctuations, etc., especially to check whether the pressure gauge reading is accurate after long-term use;

(3)  Whether the circulating cooling water supply is normal, including water temperature, water pressure, water volume, water quality, etc.;

(4)  Whether there are abnormalities in the production system, including system leakage, excessive gas generation in the system, performance degradation of process equipment, etc.;

(5)  Whether the vacuum pump system itself is faulty, including pump system leakage, nozzle blockage or damage, increased wear and tear of the throat pipe diameter, fouling on the contraction section and discharge outlet of the diffuser tube, atmospheric leg leakage or fouling blockage, condenser accumulation Blockage of dirt, liquid accumulation in the suction pipe, etc.

Steam jet vacuum pump of application method

Steam temperature and pressure reduction

The jet pump type desuperheating pressure reducer adopts a steam jet pump as the main body of the pressure reducer, and at the same time, it is formed by adding a temperature reducing device. It is a high-efficiency energy-saving equipment that can simultaneously adjust steam pressure and temperature and recover waste heat steam. It is different from the conventional desuperheater and pressure reducer. The thermal process of the conventional pressure reducer is a process in which the effective energy of new steam is reduced and the energy is devalued. Jet pump type temperature and pressure reducer can make the effective energy of working steam be rationally utilized.

Steam pressure matching

The steam pressure matcher is an ideal equipment to meet the different pressure requirements of users for steam. It uses high-pressure steam to inject low-pressure steam, which reduces the grade of high-pressure steam while increasing the grade of low-pressure steam, and produces various steam pressures between high and low pressure. It has been well applied in heat supply pressure matching of steam turbines in thermal power plants.

Condensate recovery

Condensate produces a large amount of flash steam during the discharge process, which is always vented, which wastes energy and pollutes the environment. The jet pump type condensate recovery device can recover the flash steam generated by the condensate, and then reuse it after improving the steam grade.

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