Roots vacuum pump is used for car battery disassembly and transportation

The application of vacuum technology in many industries has achieved effective results. Now let’s take a look at the application of Roots vacuum pump in automotive battery handling. The utility model provides a device with simple structure, convenient use, safety and reliability, time-saving and labor-saving, which is suitable for the loading and unloading of new energy vehicle batteries and the disassembly and transportation of new energy batteries. The invention relates to a vehicle and overcomes the defects of the prior art. Customers who want to know can take a closer look at the next step, and I believe everyone will get some benefits.

Roots vacuum pump is used for car battery disassembly and transportation

How to choose so many brands of vacuum equipment?

Vacuum products cover a wide range of industries, from vacuum components, labor-saving vacuum processors to complete vacuum clamping systems. Vacuum products are suitable for automatic production, processing and labor-saving processing. From the automotive manufacturing, logistics systems, electronics, packaging, food processing, chemicals, wood, metal, composite materials, glass, new energy and other vacuum products, we can deal with various challenges at any time – whether it is to use vacuum chuck to transport consumable components or to use roots vacuum pump to transport tons of steel. Whether it is a vacuum system in a freezer at – 28 ° C or hot forming at 600 ° C using a rotary vane vacuum pump, in more than a dozen fields, the vacuum solutions provided have left a deep impression on users.

With the help of manipulator, the automobile production line disassembles the new energy battery. Although it is efficient and fast, it is not suitable for the daily operation of 4S shop maintenance personnel. The weight of the new energy battery is about 300kg. It is easy to disassemble with simple tools. Safety accidents and minor negligence can damage the body. The utility model relates to a device suitable for the disassembly and treatment of a new energy battery of an automobile. Our research shows that roots vacuum pump is most suitable for automotive battery treatment.

Roots vacuum pump

The automobile battery should be fixed and fixed in the vehicle, and should be handled and handled with care. Because automotive batteries are metals that are particularly susceptible to chemical reactions, they are easy to extend and burn, and automotive batteries are packaged and transported, such as improper handling, flammability and explosion, and sometimes accidents occur. Accidents caused by non-standard behavior in packaging and transportation are getting more and more attention.

Roots vacuum pump has the characteristics of large pumping capacity, pumping speed from 190L / s to 49000l / s, stable and continuous operation for a long time. Roots vacuum pump series are widely used in electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, materials, biomedicine, atomic energy, space exploration and other high-tech fields. Such as all kinds of vacuum furnace, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum freeze drying equipment. The typical roots vacuum pump is controlled by pneumatic valve.

Roots vacuum pumps

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