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scroll vacuum pump design and processing, where is the value of scroll vacuum pump? What are the design principles of scroll vacuum pump? EVP vacuum pump manufacturer to solve your doubts, scroll vacuum pump design and processing.

The real attractive features of the scroll concept for vacuum applications are:

(1) simple structure, reliable operation and few parts

(2) clean and pollution-free, no oil in the vacuum pumping channel

(3) energy saving, a 30 m3 / h (8.33 L / s) scroll vacuum pump only needs 0.6 ~ 0.75KW motor

(4) save operation cost, no oil for scroll vacuum pump, no oil for sealing or cooling

(5) complete dynamic balance of moving parts, low vibration and noise

From the invention of creux in 1905 to the manufacture of the first scroll model in 1973, the concept of scroll has experienced a long period of 70 years. The basic reason why the scroll mechanism can not be manufactured is the lack of precise machining technology, the inability to achieve the precise inclusion and engagement between the scroll lines, the inability to control the leakage of working medium, and the inability to reach the performance index of the scroll vacuum pump. However, the scroll mechanism has the characteristics of no oil pollution in the pumping channel, simple pump structure, low operating cost, long working life, low energy consumption, stable operation, low noise, etc., which has great attraction and potential application value for the vacuum application industry.

In order to transform the concept of vortex mechanism into practical scroll vacuum pump products, in the past 20 years, people have successfully designed and produced the scroll vacuum pump which is mainly composed of five parts: dynamic and static scroll disk pair and base, crankshaft, sealing ring, anti rotation mechanism and drive motor, etc. by referring to the design and processing experience of scroll compressor. In order to ensure the performance index, high efficiency and reliability of scroll vacuum pump, a lot of theoretical research and experimental exploration have been carried out. So far, the work in this area mainly focuses on:


scroll vacuum pump design principle:

In order to transform the concept of scroll mechanism into practical scroll vacuum pump products, the following key technical problems must be solved: (1) improve sealing and reduce leakage; (2) reduce clearance and increase compression ratio; (3) optimize structure and improve reliability; (4) simplify production and processing technology, reduce requirements for manufacturing accuracy and reduce costs.

In the design of the scroll vacuum pump, the structural parameters of the pump should be selected according to the working efficiency and reliability of the pump. First of all, the performance indexes of the pump are considered, such as the limit vacuum degree, pumping speed, energy consumption, speed, volume, weight and external dimension, etc.; then, the internal structural parameters of the pump are determined according to the performance indexes, such as vortex line type, base circle size, vortex wall thickness, vortex wall height and crankshaft radial eccentricity, etc.; on the basis of achieving the performance indexes, the overall optimization of the pump is carried out, including Structural parameter optimization, pump body and seal material selection, bearing selection, surface treatment and drive motor selection.

scroll vacuum pump features:

1. High lift and small flow, 40% less than the revolution.

2. Simple structure, small volume and light weight.

3. Have self-priming capacity or realize self-priming with simple device.

4. Head flow curve and power flow curve with steep drop.

5. Some scroll vacuum pumps can realize gas-liquid mixed transportation.

6. The efficiency is relatively low, generally 20% – 40%, and the maximum is no more than 50%.

7. The cavitation resistance of scroll vacuum pump is poor.

8. As the viscosity of the pumped liquid increases and the pump efficiency drops sharply, it is not suitable to deliver the liquid with high viscosity.

9. The radial clearance at the diaphragm and the axial clearance between the two sides of the wheel and the pump body of the scroll vacuum pump are very small, so the machining and assembly accuracy is required to be high.

10. When impurities are contained in the pumped liquid, the radial and axial clearance increase due to wear, thus reducing the performance of the pump.

The scroll vacuum pump is mainly used to transport acid and alkali and other corrosive and volatile liquids with lift and small flow in chemical and pharmaceutical industrial processes.

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