Air compressor for metallurgical industry

Air compressor in metallurgical industry application

Metallurgy industry is mainly divided into steel industry and non-ferrous metal smelting industry two categories. In these two trades the compressed air in the steel industry USES the gas quantity is larger, and USES the occasion is more, and to the compressed air quality grade request is also different with the nonferrous metal smelting industry.

For nonferrous metal smelting industry, the amount of compressed air is not as large as the steel industry, the use of compressed air is not a lot of occasions. The use of compressed air in the two industries is described below.

The iron and steel industry

Iron and steel is an indispensable material for national economic construction and economic development. It is also one of the important indicators to measure the level of national economic development. Therefore, iron and steel industry is one of the pillar industries of a country. It belongs to heavy industry, and the scale of these enterprises are very large, generally tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. The construction of a steel enterprise is usually divided into several stages, which usually take years or even decades to complete. The equipment used by the new iron and steel enterprises is the most advanced equipment, while some old iron and steel enterprises need to carry out equipment transformation, re-investment, in order to improve the production efficiency of enterprises, so that the old enterprises coruscated with new vitality.

A large iron and steel enterprise generally starts from the ore into the plant, to smelting formed ingot and ingot, or further processing into steel plate, steel wire or other formed steel. In these processes, the ore is first sintered, and then the sintered ore is transported to an oil-iron furnace for smelting into molten iron, which is then cast into ingots. To make ingot, the ingot is sent to the blast furnace for remelting from iron to steel, mainly because the carbon content of the material is different, and steel has less carbon than iron. If other alloy steels are to be obtained, the appropriate elements are added in the smelting process, and different types of alloy steels can be made.

To understand the sintering process, sintering is actually the process of making steel. Before smelting, iron ore and several other ores are mixed together for combustion, so that they are sintered together, and then they are sent to the blast furnace for smelting. In the sintering workshop, there are a lot of places need compressed air, the amount of air is also large, but the main purpose is the same, is used for power actuator, such as the joint actuator of ash discharge device. Of course, power actuators can also be used as power sources, but without compressed air reliable and safe. The pressure required by the compressed air here is generally 0.5mpa, the quality of the compressed air is not high, the general use of oil injection screw air compressor, and do not need to be equipped with post-processing equipment.

If meter air is needed in a small number of places, no heat regeneration dryer and oil removal filter are arranged on the branch of the air system pipeline, so that the compression quality can meet the requirements of meter air.

In addition, there is compressed air used in the purge instruments, because the sintering workshop, the surrounding environment is poor, there is a lot of dust in the air, a long time, some instruments will be full of dust, this needs to use compressed air purge, here the compressed air quality requirements are generally 3-6-3, that is, solid particles level 3; Water content grade 6; Oil level 3.

After the sintering process is completed, the iron ore is transported to the ironmaking furnace for smelting. Blast furnace as a project needs a lot of equipment to work together. The work of these devices generally requires air as a power source. The actuator of this equipment, such as pneumatic cylinder, blast furnace oven door open for a series of actions are done with compressed air.

Here the pressure requirements for compressed air is generally 0.5MPa, the quality requirements for compressed air is also very low, generally 3-6-3, you can, but a large amount of air.

Generally speaking, the compressed air use in steel enterprises is very large, which can range from several hundred cubic meters to thousands of cubic meters, and most of them require the treatment of post-treatment equipment. In addition, a large iron and steel enterprises, sintering workshops (or plants), iron furnaces, steel mills, and so on have a lot of, and the distribution is very wide. Therefore, a lot of air compressor stations can be set up in general iron and steel enterprises to meet the needs of gas use in various places. The first is to make each air compressor station relatively independent, which is convenient for the future air compressor transformation. The second is convenient for the management of air compressor stations. Fourth, facilitate the future development of the enterprise.

Air compressor for metallurgical industry

Air compressor for metallurgical industry

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