Roots blower in aeration tank

The application of Roots blower in aeration tank can save energy and oxidize. In urban sewage treatment facilities, aerobic microorganism treatment of sewage usually takes place in the aeration tank or aeration channel behind the primary sedimentation tank. The roots blower is used to aerate the sewage so as to provide oxygen for the microorganism. A new series of roots fans and vacuum systems have been released for this application to ensure reliable oxygen injection. Next, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will analyze this application for you.

Roots blower is a volume rotary blower, which uses two blade rotors to make relative movement in the cylinder to compress and deliver gas. The blower has the advantages of simple structure and convenient manufacture. It is suitable for gas transmission and pressurization in low pressure occasions and can also be used as a vacuum pump.


Let’s analyze the concept of aeration tank and aeration.

Aeration tank is a biochemical reactor designed according to the characteristics of microorganisms. The degradation degree of organic pollutants mainly depends on the aeration reaction conditions designed by people.

Aeration is a means to make air and water contact strongly. Its purpose is to dissolve the oxygen in the air in the water, or to banish unnecessary gases and volatile substances in the water into the air. In other words, it is a means of promoting material exchange between gas and liquid. It has other important functions, such as mixing and stirring. Oxygen in the air is transferred to the water by aeration, and oxygen is transferred from gas phase to liquid phase.

The main function of the pool is to remove organic matters. Cod is degraded by the removal of organic matter. The activated sludge process is used for COD degradation. Most of the organics in the aerobic tank are biodegraded by aerobic microorganisms. The process of biodegrading is the activated sludge process. The activated sludge is a flocculent composed of numerous bacteria and other microorganisms. Its surface has a polysaccharide viscosity layer with a large surface area. It has strong adsorption and flocculation ability for suspended and colloidal organic particles in wastewater, and strong oxidation ability for organic matters in the presence of oxygen. The adsorption and oxidation of the activated sludge are used to remove the organic pollutants in the waste water.

The managers of sewage treatment facilities and relevant technical directors agree that all energy saving potential must be exerted in the sewage treatment facilities to ensure the highest energy efficiency in operation and reduce the operation cost. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers have further improved the performance of vacuum pumps with mature technology, so that they can perfectly adjust the number of fans according to the flow changes, and achieve more effective air compression. The pump is connected with the motor, with high speed, small appearance, compact structure and convenient liquidity, so as to further improve energy efficiency.

For example, the roots blower has become the first choice of available technology in the process of positive pressure generation. The vacuum pump and vacuum system strive to rely on the new vacuum equipment to establish a new standard for this application. If you want to know more about the application of Roots blower in aeration tank, please feel free to contact us.

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