Industrial Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump introduce

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is widely used in agricultural irrigation, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper making, food, national defense, machinery manufacturing, civil construction, medicine and other industries. In terms of its properties, it is used for vacuum water diversion, vacuum dehydration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum degassing, vacuum moisture regain, vacuum transportation and gas compression transportation.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump Industry Application

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum diversion:

Before starting a centrifugal pump of more than 12 inches, the air in the pump is pumped out by the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, so that the water in the pool or river can be sucked into the pump, and then the pump can be started. This is one of the main uses of small Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.
We know that the working principle of the pump is that the impeller rotates in the water and the water is thrown around under the action of centrifugal force, so a part of the vacuum state is formed in the middle. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the external water enters the pump continuously through the intake pipe, and then presses into the outlet pipe under the action of the impeller.

Therefore, before running the pump, water must be poured into the pump until the impeller is submerged. Before irrigation, the bottom valve should be installed under the intake pipe so that the water can be blocked during irrigation. Otherwise, the water will always flow into the pool and never be satisfied with irrigation. But the bottom valve will bring great local resistance to the water flow, so as to reduce the head and flow of the pump and increase the power consumption.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum dewatering:

Vacuum dewatering is widely used in dewatering of pulverized coal, mineral powder, pulp, alkali, dyes, rubber and cement.
Coal Washery in coal industry uses Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and filter to suck water from the slurry water, so as to get dry slurry (filter cake). It is a typical example of Zui and Zui in the application of water ring vacuum dewatering.

Vacuum dewatering in paper mills is also a typical case of vacuum dewatering. Its main principle is to use Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump to dewatering pulp in vacuum.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum suction:

Because the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump has the outstanding advantage of isothermal compression, it is especially suitable for pumping or pressing inflammable, explosive and other gases, and because of the use of water seal, when pumping and pressing toxic and harmful gases, it can avoid and reduce endangered livestock.

The substance sucked by vacuum can be solid, liquid or gas.
Vacuum suction of dry fresh sand, used sand, clay powder, coal powder and some powder (such as zinc oxide powder) is a typical example of vacuum suction.

Vacuum suction of solids has a series of advantages:

1. Simple equipment and easy maintenance;
2. Flexible layout, easy to adapt to different production environments;
3. Good working conditions and high conveying efficiency.
Its disadvantages are:
1. There are certain requirements for the physical properties of suction materials.
2. There are still some problems in the sealing of discharging device, continuous discharging device and effective feeding device.
3. Transport distance and elevation are limited.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum evaporation:

The evaporation rate of liquid increases with the decrease of ambient pressure. Therefore, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump can be used to reduce the surrounding pressure, speed up evaporation and improve labor productivity. This use case is found in the process of producing anhydrous alcohol.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum distillation:

In petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, ring vacuum pumps are often used to decompress the distillation column in order to achieve the purpose of distillation. Benzene chloride, as a pesticide, dye and solvent, is distilled in a distillation column by negative pressure operation.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum concentration:

The effect and principle of vacuum concentration are the same as that of vacuum evaporation. The difference is that the solution obtained by vacuum concentration is of high concentration. Similarly, the vacuum degree has a significant effect on the productivity of vacuum concentration.

For example, in the food industry, tomato pulp is produced by evaporating a large amount of water from the juice pressed from tomatoes under vacuum conditions, which condenses tomato juice into pulp. The juice pressed from fresh tomatoes usually contains 4-5% soluble substances. The tomato pulp concentrated in vacuum concentrator contains 28-30% soluble substances, so 6-7 tons of tomato juice can be concentrated into one ton of finished products. It can be seen that the amount of evaporated water is very large.

The evaporation water is 3.5 tons/hour at the vacuum of -680 mm Hg column by using Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. If the vacuum is raised to -720 mm Hg column, the evaporation can reach 4.5 tons/hour.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum reversion:

It is mainly used in vacuum moisture regain treatment of tobacco leaves. The moisture content of tobacco leaves should be limited to a certain extent. Too little moisture, dry tobacco leaves, broken into powder, unable to carry out cigarettes. Too much moisture, tobacco leaves become a ball when pinched, inelastic, difficult to separate, cigarettes difficult, and difficult to light. The moisture content of cut tobacco is generally about 21%.

Vacuum moisture regain is the first step in the production of paper tobacco. The tobacco leaves are sent into the moisture regain box. After sealing, the vacuum degree of – 700 mm mercury column is pumped by Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.

Through many pipe openings embedded in tobacco leaves, various odors and moisture can be removed from the tobacco leaves, and the tobacco leaves gradually dry and shrink, forming a stomata. After a certain period of time, the mist gas of water and steam is introduced. At this time, the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump requires to maintain a certain amount of air, in order to remove the gas brought by water and steam, and to maintain the vacuum of tobacco leaves, so that the fog gas gradually fills the stomata, soaking tobacco leaves. The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, steam and water pipe shall be closed when the water content reaches the prescribed concentration. The vacuum moisture regain treatment of tobacco leaves was finished.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in vacuum Extraction Device for Steam Turbine Condenser:

According to the theory of Engineering thermodynamic steam thermodynamic cycle, in order to make the thermodynamic equipment have higher thermal efficiency, the condenser must maintain a higher vacuum.

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