Vacuum pump for moulding machine

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Vacuum pump for moulding machine

This is a completely alternative to Busch vacuum pump.

A. Direct air-cooled structure

Direct air-cooled structure with built-in oil mist separator and filter can achieve 99.9% oil and gas filtration effect with ordinary money.

At the same time, it has low noise and vibration.

B. Design of Inlet Check Valve

Specialized intake check valve design, when the pump shuts down, the oil in the pump does not flow back. Easy maintenance, low maintenance cost, environmental protection and energy saving.

C. Professional air filters

Equipped with professional air filter, it can filter out dust impurities, protect pump chamber, and fundamentally prolong service life.

D. High efficiency and energy saving

Pumping speed can reach 40 cubic meters per hour, high efficiency and energy saving.

E. Oil mist filter core

The fuel tank is equipped with oil mist filter core. There is no oil fume in operation and it is environmentally friendly and clean.

Internal structure of vacuum pump for moulding machine

1,.Installing an oil mist eliminator in the pump can effectively eliminate the oil mist in the gas discharged from the pump and prevent the oil mist from polluting the surrounding environment.

2. The pump inlet has a check valve. When the pump stops, the pump and the pumping system can be immediately isolated by the combined action of the check valve and the specially set hole in the pump, which can prevent the pump oil from returning to the pumping system, and the true width of the pumping container can be maintained at the same time.Therefore, vacuum globe valves with exhaust power can eliminate the need for the use of this type of marine vacuum pump, thereby reducing the number of users.Use cost.

3.Three. The pump is equipped with an oil and gas separator, which forms an effective noise elimination system with an oil mist eliminator to eliminate exhaust noise and avoid noise pollution.

4. Connect and install pumps and motors directly.Air cooling, no water cooling pipe.Therefore, the device is compact and easy to install.

5. The structure design is reasonable, the vibration is small, and the bolt without foot works.

Scope of use:
The vacuum pump is a reasonable vacuum pump construction that can operate at any inlet pressure.Therefore, it is more widely used than the general rotating blade vacuum pump. At present, the pump has been widely used in various instruments of vacuum packaging, rubber and plastic industry in the vacuum plastic molding, printing industry in the paper transport, various kinds of casting vacuum impregnation and leakage prevention. Vacuum clamping devices in machining, vacuum clamping and positioning of components in electronic semiconductor industry, vacuum drying and filtration in chemical industry, dynamic balance test of large mechanical components in vacuum state and vacuum pumping in operating room are all within the reach of various vacuum treatment pumps in vacuum.

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