Environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump

The old vacuum pump has been unable to meet the environmental protection requirements of low noise, anti-corrosion and pollution-free, so many enterprises have turned to the new environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump. Although on the one hand, the state attaches unprecedented importance to the environment and has led the implementation of various environmental protection policies. The environmental protection assessment of local government’s green GDP has become stricter, and the governance of environmental protection sampling has also been strengthened. On the other hand, it guides enterprises to adopt new environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump products, which not only responds to the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection development advocated by the state, but also actually brings high efficiency, energy conservation and safety to enterprises’ own equipment Reliable, low noise, long service life, no fuel consumption, easy maintenance and other visible benefits, but also to avoid the impact on production in environmental sampling. So environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump products in the market by all kinds of users generally concern and use.

The new type of environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump has absorbed advanced pump making technology and adopted advanced intelligent manufacturing process. Its environmental protection performance and energy saving index have been recognized as a new height by domestic and international certification standards, In the design of the new type of environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump, because the sealing liquid or a large amount of vacuum oil are no longer used, and no vacuum oil is added when working, the quality of the discharged air is improved, thus reducing the cost of using oil for the enterprise, and reducing the environmental pollution in the workplace. The environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump realizes the oil-free vacuum pump through the combination of muffler and filter device The utility model has the advantages of ultra-low vacuum, ultra-low mute, light volume, simple structure, etc.

The new type of environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump has simple structure, high compression ratio, stable pumping speed in a wide pressure range, wide working pressure range, small gap between dynamic and static scroll plates and less leakage, and small driving torque change and power change due to the continuous change of the volume of the compression chamber, Low vibration and noise, high reliability, which is not available for other types of dry vacuum pump.

Environmental protection oil-free vacuum pump has been widely used in the fields of medical equipment, automobile industry, automatic control, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food preservation, aquaculture, water purification treatment, analytical instruments, beauty and health care, advertising production, equipment maintenance, biopharmaceutical, communication electronics, petrochemical industry, environmental detection system, oxygen production in plateau area, etc.; it is the industrial society that needs purity And the choice of environmental vacuum space.

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