Vacuum Pump of Botanical Extracts

Plant essential oil extraction equipment

The plant essential oil extraction equipment series is applicable to the separation distillation extraction process of common oil and aromatic oil components in plant leaves, flowers, grass and animal materials containing oil components in cosmetics, traditional Chinese medicine, health products, biopharmaceuticals, food and other industries. This set of small-scale plant essential oil extraction equipment integrates the extraction, collection and exquisite structure of plant essential oil, which is very suitable for the production and use of multiple varieties and small batches in universities, research institutes, laboratory research and development departments of enterprises and public institutions and pharmaceutical factories.

Plant essential oil extraction equipment features:

1. The extraction speed is fast, non-toxic, non flammable, safe to use, and not polluting the environment.
2. The plant essential oil extraction equipment researched and developed by Yu inkstone uses heat conduction oil to indirectly heat, which can reach 100C high temperature quickly under the condition of clean, safe and normal temperature. Under the permission of Gongyi, with the help of vacuum pump, guide the steam to quickly pass through the condenser, and quickly collect the easily evaporated grease into the oil-water separator.
3. Distillation tank volume: 3 ~ 100L (optional)
4. The condenser and oil-water separator are made of high boronized glass, with the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non fragile. It is completely visible from the separation to collection of essential oil. (also available in stainless steel SUS304)
5. The steam distillation unit is a special jacket type distillation basket structure, which is convenient for the separation of materials and solutions, and solves the problems such as the difficulty of slag discharge and the blockage of the outlet.
6. The condenser adopts water drop type or short distance reflux type to make the steam cool rapidly, so as to further improve the collection rate of essential oil, improve the production efficiency, and reduce the production and experimental costs.
7. The whole equipment is operated by digital display control system and touch screen dynamic display control system, which can be customized according to the actual use requirements.
8. The extraction equipment of the essential oil of the plant in the small test of the inkstone can be used for common water distillation, water separation distillation and atmospheric pressure extraction.
9. The whole equipment adopts 0Cr18Ni9Ti; SUS304 2B
10. The plant essential oil extraction equipment is equipped with liquid level control, glass liquid level test mirror, with lamp mirror, and the whole extraction process is carried out in a visible state.
11. The equipment structure is compact, the station floor area is small, the actual floor area is about 1m2, and the production and operation conform to GMP pharmaceutical standards and specifications.

What kind of vacuum pump is used for plant extraction?

Vacuum Pump of Botanical Extracts

What is the effect of sand entering the liquid ring vacuum pump

When the liquid ring vacuum pump is in use, sand particles should be avoided from entering the liquid ring vacuum pump. However, some sand particles or other impurities will inevitably enter into the liquid ring vacuum pump when it is in use. So what should be done when sand particles enter the water ring vacuum pump.
Because liquid ring vacuum pump in use, is not allowed to have impurities into the cavity. If the impurities enter into the inner cavity of the liquid ring vacuum pump and run with the liquid, the impeller may be stuck and unable to rotate, resulting in damage of the liquid ring vacuum pump during operation, and even some sand particles with higher hardness will cause damage to the impeller of the liquid ring vacuum pump, so that the liquid ring pump does not have good vacuum performance during operation, thus affecting production Efficiency.

In general, this situation requires the use of two-stage sand settling tank. In many industries, the service life of liquid ring vacuum pump is relatively short if there are more sand particles when using liquid ring vacuum pump. However, after using excessive sand settling tank, the service life of liquid ring vacuum pump will be greatly extended. In general, after use, the vacuum performance of liquid ring vacuum pump will not be affected, and the energy consumption will be much less than before.

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