Rotary vane vacuum pump pumping different gases

The working principle of the rotary vane vacuum pump is very simple, that is to use the rotary vane to rotate continuously in the pump cavity because of the change of the volume of the pump cavity to obtain the vacuum. Since most of the working fluid of rotary vane vacuum pump is vacuum pump oil, the following points should be paid attention to during operation and use:

1. If the extracted gas contains a large amount of water vapor, the rotary vane vacuum pump can be selected without considering the selection of water ring vacuum pump or vacuum unit, but a condenser shall be connected at the air inlet of the rotary vane vacuum pump, so that the water vapor can be cooled into water, and then enter the vacuum pump to achieve the purpose of vacuum pumping

However, it should be noted that the condenser is unable to liquefy all the water vapor, so when using the rotary vane vacuum pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the change of the vacuum pump oil. If it is found that the vacuum pump oil has qualitative change, turbidity or emulsification, the real vacuum pump oil should be replaced in time, so as to ensure that the rotary vane vacuum pump can reach the required vacuum degree when working Otherwise, the vacuum degree will decrease or even damage the vacuum pump.


2. If there are solid particles in the extracted gas, and you want to choose a rotary vane vacuum pump, you need to connect a filter in the air inlet pipe of the rotary vane vacuum pump, which can effectively prevent the vacuum degree of the rotary vane vacuum pump from dropping due to the particulate matter. You need to pay attention to the reasonable selection of the filter and the cleaning of the filter in the use process.

3. Rotary vane vacuum pump can not pump out all kinds of gases with high oxygen content, toxic, explosive etching of ferrous metal and chemical effect on vacuum oil, nor can it be used as compressor and delivery pump. If there is a pump of air ballast device, a certain amount of condensable steam can be removed.

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