Screw Vacuum Pump in Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical equipment industry, vacuum pumps are used for vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum transportation, vacuum sterilization, vacuum drying, vacuum packaging and vacuum mixed emulsification.

The commonly used vacuum pumps include liquid ring vacuum pump, water jet pump, steam jet pump and so on. There are also several commonly used rotary vane pumps, reciprocating pumps, sliding valve pumps and Roots pumps, which can not directly pump water vapor, but can be used in conjunction with condensation.
If the pumped space and surrounding environment are required to be clean and pollution-free, various forms of dry vacuum pumps can also be used. At present, dry vacuum pump is more expensive, but it is the future direction of development. Among them, the screw vacuum pump is the representative. Let’s take a look at the data of the screw vacuum pump.

Screw Vacuum Pump in Pharmaceutical Industry

Screw Vacuum Pump in Pharmaceutical Industry of Advantages

1. Strong recovery ability: 100% can be used to recover a large number of low boiling point and recyclable solvent, and no waste water and oil is produced.
2. High vacuum and fast pumping speed: the limit vacuum can be less than 1 pa, which can provide faster pumping speed and improve product quality. Single pump instead of water ring pump, water jet pump plus two-stage Roots unit.
3. Suitable for all kinds of media: after the screw is finely processed, it can be coated as a whole, and its corrosion resistance is stronger than that of stainless steel. It is suitable for extracting condensable gas and flammable and explosive gas in all kinds of bad working conditions.
4. Good sealing: double lip seal, unique oil barrier design, to ensure that the pumped medium and lubricant 100% non-contact, to ensure the safety of vacuum oil life and media in the vacuum chamber.
5. Strong ability of discharging foreign bodies: accurate linetype design and clearance control, while working in the process of discharging liquid, even in the process of a large number of dust and viscous media can still be discharged smoothly.
6. Maintenance-free: The shortest exhaust path and the least clearance greatly reduce the occurrence of screw stuck. If the maintenance is in place, no maintenance is needed.
7. Automatic cleaning: automatic cleaning device can be installed to automatically clean the pump chamber before the shutdown of the pump, so as to prevent the cold crystallization of the pumped medium remaining in the pump chamber after the shutdown, which causes the difficulty of starting the next time.
8. Reliable quality: Parts are selected according to the standards of international large factories, all of which adopt foreign well-known brand components.

How about the development of screw vacuum pump in China?

Since 2004, domestic screw vacuum pump enterprises have begun to study the profile and structural performance. In 2007, when the domestic dry screw vacuum pump market was basically occupied by foreign manufacturers, domestic companies invested a lot of money to transfer the product into batch production, and received strong support from the state to win various provincial and national science and technology awards and funds. Our company’s dry screw vacuum pump has higher limit vacuum, lower power consumption, energy saving, maintenance-free advantages. It is an updated product of oil seal/jet/water ring vacuum pump, which has been widely used in major pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises in China. According to different technological conditions, the over-current components (i.e. the parts of rotor and pump body that contact with gas) have anti-corrosion coatings, including nickel-phosphorus coatings and PTFE coatings.

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