liquid ring vacuum pump application

With the rapid development of vacuum application technology, the liquid ring vacuum pump has been attached great importance in obtaining rough vacuum. It is an important vacuum equipment in the industrial field. It has complete functions and is widely used in various industries.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is used to suck air or other non-corrosive, water-insoluble and solid-free gases to form a certain vacuum in the sealed container. The inhaled gas is allowed to be mixed with a small amount of liquid. The recommended working range of the pump is – 0.04 MPa – 0.09 MPa. When equipped with explosion-proof motor, flammable and explosive gas can be sucked. When the pump body material is corrosion-resistant material, certain corrosive gas can be sucked.

liquid ring vacuum pump with other types of vacuum pumps, the liquid ring vacuum pump has simple and compact structure, small floor area, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance, so it is widely used.

Water ring vacuum pump

liquid ring vacuum pump application :

1. Vacuum filtration: liquid ring vacuum pump has the function of vacuum filtration, which is mostly used in chemical products factory, paper mill, iron ore plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, coal preparation plant and other fields.

2. Vacuum distillation: It is widely used in dairy, food, chemical, pulp and other fields.

3. Vacuum forming: used in plastic factories, rubber factories, tire factories, polyethylene products manufacturing and other fields.

4. Vacuum impregnation: for food processing, wood processing, textile mills, plywood factories, pole manufacturing, etc.

5. Vacuum disinfection: used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other places.

6. Vacuum degassing: used in bottler, water softening, food processing, food packaging, etc.

7. Vacuum water diversion: for drinking water suction and drainage in water works, irrigation and drainage stations, power stations, pumps, etc.

8. Vacuum transportation: used in cigarette factories and canneries.

The above is the main application of liquid ring vacuum pump in obtaining rough vacuum. In addition, the machine also has the functions of wood drying, steam recovery, solvent recovery, soil purification and so on.

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