Rotary Vacuum Pump Vacuum Packaging Technology

The concept of integrated packaging aims to ensure that the finished product packaging is hygienic, reliable, rapid and efficient. It is an important process in the production of modern meat and sausage products. Because of this, innovative meat processing plants are committed to optimizing their own production processes and integrating packaging lines into the whole process in the best possible way. Correct selection of vacuum generation system can significantly affect the operational reliability and economic benefits of packaging process. There are many vacuum supply schemes to choose from, which mainly depends on the size and output of the plant.

Vacuum packaging of meat and sausage products has an important advantage: eliminating the air in packaging can greatly reduce oxygen content, reduce the activity of aerobic bacteria, thus significantly prolong the shelf life. In addition, vacuum packaging is hygienic, and the way products are displayed is more attractive. There are a variety of vacuum packers on the market, which means that for all packaging requirements, a suitable packaging machine can be found. Regardless of design or size, these packaging machines have one thing in common: all packaging machines must produce vacuum to meet the requirements of vacuum packaging. This can be achieved by an integrated vacuum pump or an independent rotary vane vacuum pump. Other options include a central vacuum supply system, which can connect multiple packaging machines.

For any vacuum packaging machine, whether it is vacuum chamber packaging machine, pallet sealing machine or thermoforming packaging machine, vacuum pump can usually be integrated into the packaging machine, or installed independently in the position next to the packaging machine. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are basically specially designed for this purpose. This kind of rotary vane vacuum pump has always been the benchmark of vacuum packaging industry. Continuous research and development ensures that these vacuum pumps remain at the most advanced level, with millions of vacuum pumps operating around the world. These vacuum pumps are optimized for energy consumption, saving 20% of energy.

Whether integrated in packaging machines or installed independently, vacuum pumps are the simplest and most common way of vacuum generation in packaging industry. The connecting pipes between vacuum chamber, sealing station and vacuum pump are very short, which can ensure the rapid emptying of air in packaging. Large-scale, high-volume thermoforming packaging machine can also install Roots vacuum pump. Through the combination of rotary vane vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump, faster speed can be achieved and vacuum time can be reduced. In practice, this means shorter production cycles, so the more products packaged per unit time. If multiple thermoforming packers are to be operated, at least a local centralized vacuum supply system should be considered.

If there are six or more packaging machines, a fully centralized vacuum supply is often an economical and feasible solution. To be sure, the central vacuum supply system often requires much less vacuum pumps than a series of single vane vacuum pumps installed near the packaging line.


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