Rotary vane vacuum pump distributor

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of varactor mechanical vacuum pump, which utilizes the rotating motion of the rotor and the vane sliding in the rotor slot to obtain vacuum. When the working fluid is used to lubricate and fill the dead gap of the pump chamber, separating the exhaust valve from the atmosphere, it is commonly known as the oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump is called direct vane vacuum pump, which directly connects the pump to the motor or to the coupling. In each type of pump, there are single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump and two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump.

In single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, the limit pressure and use of the pump are different due to the different structure and parameters. Rotary vane vacuum pump has been widely used and continuously improved. In the aspect of pump structure, in order to prevent oil return during shutdown, some have check valves that can automatically cut off the oil circuit, some have cut-off valves of intake passage, and some have oil pumps and control structures that can automatically cut off the air circuit when the pump opening ballast suddenly shuts down to keep the pump mouth in a vacuum state.

In terms of accessories, there are population filters, dust filters, steam condensation traps and chemical traps for mist eliminators, odor filters, blocking broken glass and other sundries. There are temperature control valves to control pump temperature to improve steam extraction rate and protect pump temperature control water volume. Speaking of rotary vane vacuum pump, in fact, it is very familiar to many people, probably because of its variety and wide distribution. There are more and more distributors of rotary vane vacuum pumps. Rotary vane vacuum pumps usually have dry screw vacuum pumps.

With the development of science and technology, vacuum pumps are used more and more widely. There are more and more distributors of rotary vane vacuum pump. When the eccentric rotor drives the vane, the volume of different chambers in the pump changes, so that the internal pressure changes. Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the most widely used vacuum pumps at present, among which the role of vacuum pump oil, another working part product of rotary vane vacuum pump, is also very important. If the quality of rotary vane vacuum pump oil is poor or mixed with impurities, the oil will cause scratches and corrosion inside the pump body, seriously affecting its working level and efficiency, and seriously reducing the service life of the vacuum pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump distributor

SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Model Pump speed(m3/h) Motor Power(KW) Inlet Diam (inch) Rotary speed(rpm) Oil Capacity(L) G.W(kg) NoisedB (A) Dimensions(mm)
50HZ 60HZ
SV-010 10 12 0.37 (3ph)0.55 (1ph) G1/2 1400 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-020 20 24 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-025 25 30 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 22 64 405*253*210
SV-040 40 48 1.5 (3ph)2.2 (1ph) G11/4 1400 1.0 50 67 660*300*270
SV-063 63 75 2.2 G11/4 1400 2.0 83 68 695*420*295
SV-100 100 120 3.0 G11/4 1400 2.0 87 72 735*420*295
SV-160 160 192 4.0 G2 1400 4.5 152 74 805*520*410
SV-200 200 240 5.5 G2 1400 4.5 159 76 825*520*410
SV-250 250 300 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 230 76 1000*550*410
SV-300 300 360 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 236 76 1200*550*410
SV-630 630 750 15.0 DN100 960 35 620 75 1630*1300*980
SV-750 750 900 18.5 DN100 1150 35 640 76 1630*1300*980

Rotary vane vacuum pump, also known as multi-chamber rotary vane vacuum pump, is precisely because its blades divide the vacuum pump body into three chambers. Rotary vane vacuum pump oil, as a medium to obtain vacuum, plays the role of lubrication, cooling and sealing in vacuum pump, which also shows the importance of rotary vane vacuum pump oil to the whole body operation.

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