Vacuum pump for sterilization of tea and flavoring spices

Vegetable leaves and spices imported from tropical areas are transported in bundles, usually containing pests, insects, fungi and bacteria, and must be removed before further processing. This is achieved by exhausting bundles of leaves and spices in a vacuum container. Water vapor or sterilized gas is then injected. This process helps to condition and disinfect the product, as well as add humidity appropriately.

The vacuum pump used for sterilization of tea and spices is introduced below. For more information about vacuum pump, please click to contact us.

Vacuum pump for sterilization of tea and flavoring spices

How to prevent the hidden trouble of liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a kind of equipment used in our daily life. Its quality problem is very important. After use, it should be shut down in a planned way according to the specified standards. Otherwise, the equipment will be damaged or even dangerous. Today’s editor will take you to understand how to prevent the hidden dangers of the equipment.

1. When the line in the mine breaks down, it should be overhauled and stopped in time to prevent its pressure from being damaged.

2. When the superior power department, the company’s internal, line maintenance or failure needs to be shut down to prevent the equipment line from burning out and affecting the use.

3. When the liquid ring vacuum pump needs to be shut down due to failure or regular switching, so as to prevent its performance from being damaged.

4. When the water source of the circulating water tank is replaced, it needs to be stopped to prevent the equipment from changing the water source in time and not clean, which will affect its normal operation.

5. Overlap of nearby drainage pipeline and replacement and installation of other auxiliary devices, so as to check it in time, so as to prevent problems in use.

liquid ring vacuum pump

To sum up, the hidden danger of liquid ring vacuum pump is that we need to take care of its small problems seriously. Safety is a problem that we will pay attention to at every stage. Therefore, when we use the equipment, we should try our best to reduce accidents and make enterprises and families at ease.

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