Vacuum pumps for rotary evaporation

Rotary evaporator is mainly used for distillation and purification, but usually the rotary evaporator can only be used under negative pressure conditions, so vacuum pump should be used to achieve rapid distillation. So how to choose the vacuum pump with rotary evaporator? What should we pay attention to? EVP will lead you to understand.

There are many kinds and models of vacuum pumps, not all of them are suitable for matching with rotary evaporator. Many customers do not know whether to buy Vacuum pumps or what kind of vacuum pumps they should buy after buying rotary evaporator. In fact, you do not have to worry about this. When you buy rotary evaporator, as a professional manufacturer, we will ask you if you need vacuum pumping and matching. What type of vacuum pump is it? Of course, this depends entirely on the customer’s own needs, not compulsory purchase, if you do not need, or have a matching vacuum pump that is also possible, we as a manufacturer can provide you with some suggestions. Here’s how to choose.

Types suitable for collocation

The three most suitable vacuum pumps are circulating water vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and diaphragm vacuum pump, which are often used in glass reactor and rotary evaporator. The circulating water vacuum pump is divided into table type and vertical type. Rotary vane vacuum pump is commonly used in 2XZ series, while diaphragm vacuum pump has corrosion resistance and can be used as corrosive solvent.

Circulating water vacuum pump: a new type of multi-purpose vacuum pump is designed based on the principle that circulating water is used as working fluid and negative pressure is produced by jet injection. It is not only a vacuum pumping device, but also can provide circulating cooling water to the reaction device. The pump has the characteristics of no oil, no pollution, corrosion resistance, low noise, convenience and flexibility. Using anti-corrosion machine core or stainless steel machine core, one machine can be used for many purposes. Vertical type can be used for larger space, and desktop type can be used for smaller space.

Rotary vane vacuum pump 2XZ series: two-stage high-speed direct-connected structure, is one of the basic equipment used to extract gases from sealed containers. The pump chamber is equipped with a rotor, and the rotor slot has a rotary blade. When the rotor drives the rotary blade to rotate, the rotary blade is close to the wall of the chamber, separating the intake and exhaust ports, and periodically expanding the volume of the intake cavity while inhaling. The volume of the exhaust cavity periodically reduces and compresses the gas, pushing the exhaust valve to exhaust, thus obtaining vacuum. It has the characteristics of high speed, small size, compact structure and convenient flowability.

Vacuum pumps for rotary evaporation


YH Series Diaphragm Vacuum Pump: belongs to a variable-capacity vacuum pump. Its working principle is that there are eccentric wheels on the axle of the motor, one end of the connecting rod is on the eccentric wheel, and the other end is connected with the soft diaphragm. As the motor rotates, it drives the connecting rod to move back and forth, and the connecting rod drives the diaphragm fixed on the pump body to move back and forth, which makes it produce elastic deformation, so that the volume of the suction chamber on the pump body changes periodically. The pump body is equipped with intake and exhaust valves, which suck when the volume increases, and the container exhausts when the volume decreases, so as to achieve the purpose of exhaustion. Normal pumps and oil pumps do not have corrosion resistance. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are generally made of PTFE material with good corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance.

Above is about the rotary evaporator with vacuum pump, EVP recommends the use of rotary vane vacuum pump 2XZ series. EVP is a company with a wide reputation both at home and abroad. If you want to know about our products or intend to buy our instruments, please contact us. We are very glad to help you.


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