Piston Vacuum Pump Supplier

EVP Vacuum Pump Factory is a professional manufacturer and supplier of vacuum equipment and complete system. It mainly produces water ring vacuum pump, piston vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump and Roots water ring vacuum unit. It can design corresponding vacuum unit for customers. The vacuum pump model is complete and the price is low. Welcome to purchase.

Piston vacuum pump is suitable for suction of air and other general gases. When using air ballast, the pump can suck a small amount of condensable gas (such as water vapor). Additional devices should be installed when pumping gases with excessive oxygen, explosive, corrosive to ferrous metals and chemical reaction to vacuum oil.

Piston vacuum pump can be used independently, and can also be used as the front pump of high vacuum pumps such as diffusion pump and Roots pump. The pump is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum impregnation, vacuum sintering, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum drying and molecular distillation.

Piston Vacuum Pump Supplier

Piston vacuum pump features:

The limit vacuum of piston vacuum pump is high, reaching 0.3Pa. The improved shaft seal does not leak oil. Low vibration, low noise and smooth operation. On the basis of the original pump, the design is optimized to facilitate disassembly, assembly and repair. Change the three-cylinder structure to the two-cylinder structure. The oil system is optimized to be an automatic control structure. The bearing moves out to extend its service life. Axle sleeve protection to prevent spindle wear. The revolving body parts are balanced by fine motion, running smoothly and noise is low.

EVP Piston Vacuum Pump Supplier Our company takes “quality first, reputation first” as its purpose; Our vacuum pumps are known for their exquisite workmanship, stable performance and reliable quality in domestic and foreign markets!

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